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2019 Bertha Lutz Prize for research on women in diplomacy

3 April 2019
2019 Bertha Lutz Prize

The SOAS Centre for International Studies & Diplomacy (CISD) awarded the annual Bertha Lutz Prize for research on women in diplomacy to Professor Sylvia Bashevkin at the International Studies Association's 60th Convention in Toronto.

The Bertha Lutz Prize was set up by CISD and the The Diplomatic Studies Section (DPLST) of the International Studies Association (ISA) to honour the legacy of Dr Bertha Lutz, a leading Pan America feminist and instrumental figure in securing the inclusion of Article 8 in the UN Charter. 

The prize was awarded by CISD's Dr Simon Rofe for Professor Bashevkin's work on gender and politics, which has included titles such as: "Women as Foreign Policy Leaders: National Security and Gender Politics", "Women, Power, Politics", and "Women on the Defensive". Speaking about the award, Professor Bashevkin said: "I am genuinely honoured by the decision to award me the Bertha Lutz Prize. I am humbled by your vote of confidence in my work and for the enormous honour which you and your colleagues have so kindly offered me."

DPLST Chair Assistant Professor Marcus Holmes said: "As a committee we were in awe of the nominations; the field was truly remarkable. Professor Bashevikin's many accomplishments, however, stood out and it was my pleasure to present her with the award at ISA's 60th Convention in Toronto last week."

The Bertha Lutz Prize was first announced in May 2017 as a joint partnership between CISD and ISA to award £1000 to a scholar for conducting the highest quality public writing and research on women in diplomacy. Dr. Bertha Lutz’s role in signing the United Nations Charter was rediscovered in the academy by Torild Skard, and expanded through further primary research and theoretical conceptualisation by students and scholars at CISD.

CISD Director Dr. Dan Plesch said: "We would like to express our sincere congratulations to Professor Bashevikin for her research on issues affecting women in politics. We are particularly looking forward to her forthcoming book 'Doing Politics Differently?'. At CISD we are committed to expanding the understanding of the role women play in diplomacy through three research projects: Women in the UN Charter, The Bertha Lutz Prize and Diplomacy and girls' education."

In 1945 Dr. Berta Lutz of Brazil was instrumental in the inclusion of Article 8 in the UN Charter which provides the legal basis for gender equality in the UN system and was central to other mentions of gender equality in the Charter.

For more information on the prize, and how to apply, please see the International Studies Association website.

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