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SIS sells out at Pint of Science 2019

7 June 2019
Pint of Science

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies participated in Pint of Science 2019. The sell-out run of nights took place at the Marquis of Cornwallis, a short walk from SOAS.

The first event featured two presentations, one from the Centre for International Studies & Diplomacy & Centre for Sustainable Finance’s Dr Harald Heubaum. The talk discussed the problems inherent within the climate crisis, and spelt out bold new solutions, rooted in the data revolution. 

The second part was conducted by the Beckley Foundation’s Dr Sam Gandy. His presentation discussed the role psychedelics could play in solving the climate crisis by creating a deep sense of “nature-connectedness” within users, ultimately leading to more environmentally responsible behaviour. 

On the second day Anna Sowa (Chouette Films) and Dr Leon Goldman took participants on an exploration of the Zoroastrian Yasna ceremony – one of the world’s oldest religious rituals still performed today. The audience had the opportunity to view the ritual with VR headsets.

SOAS’s Dr Sarah Strewart then discussed Zoroastrianism in contemporary Iran via the digitised oral testimony drawn from interviews with a Zoroastrian population, which numbers less than 25,000.

On the final day of the sold-out events, CISD’s / ACE Joint Research Director Dr Pallavi Roy, alongside ACE’s Sonia Sezille unpacked the structural reasons for the failure of anti-corruption policies, and discussed what successful anti-corruption might look like. Pallavi is currently a research director and jointly in charge of the Anti-Corruption Evidence programme.

For the last talk, CISD Director Dr Dan Plesch presented the SCRAP Weapons project, and discussed the way satellites can and have been used to monitor and verify disarmament initiatives.

SOAS will return to Pint of Science next year, so watch this space.

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