SOAS University of London

‘Queer’ Asia returns to SOAS for the fourth year with summer programme, exhibition and film festival

17 June 2019

‘Queer’ Asia 2019, featuring a summer programme, art exhibition, and film festival, will be returning to SOAS University of London next month for the fourth year running. This year’s event brings together activists, artists, academics, film makers, and performers from all across Asia to engage in a robust dialogue with each other and across disciplines.

‘Queer’ Asia is a network and platform for collaboration and research on LGBTQI+ issues in Asia. The aim of annual activities are to bring together activists, artists, academics and film-makers from various parts of Asia on a common platform and interrogate latest developments on LGBTQI+ rights and culture in the region.

 ‘Queer’ Asia will take place this year from 17 June to 22 July, featuring a film festival running from 17 June-22 July, art exhibition running from 13-17 July at SOAS and the British Museum, and the first ever Summer Programme from 15-18 July at various London universities. All events are free to attend including open events at the Summer Programme in the evenings of 15, 17, and 18 July at University of Westminster, King’s College London, and SOAS University of London respectively.

This year showcases the first ever Summer Programme, with a line-up of workshops, capacity building seminars, and open events, at SOAS University of London, University of Westminster, and King’s College London. The programme builds on prior conferences and explores the intersections of queerness and Asia. Participants have been selected from across Asia and the diaspora to attend. Open events are held on 15 July (Opening Event Panel Discussion), 17 July (Films and Panel Discussion), and 18 July (Book Launch and Reception).

The second annual art exhibition titled ‘The Liminal’ will feature the main exhibition held at SOAS on 15-17 July, with community events and artists’ talks on 13 and 14 July at the British Museum.

The third annual film festival will be held on 17 June, 20 June, and from 11-22 July at SOAS, British Museum, King’s College London, and the University of Warwick. Selected films this year span 24 countries, including Lebanon, Malaysia, South Korea, Iran, Taiwan, Philippines, Russian Federation, India, China, Brunei, Japan, and Azerbaijan. Films shown at SOAS will include ‘Evening Shadows’ directed by Sridhar Rangayan and Taipeilove directed by Lucie Liu. Free tickets are available now.

In addition, ‘Queer’ Asia are excited to announce the publication of ‘Queer’ Asia: Decolonising and Reimagining Sexuality and Gender, edited by J. Daniel Luther and Jennifer Ung Loh (Zed Books, 2019). The volume features chapters by past conference participants, including SOAS academics, and is a far-reaching study of queer identities and communities across Asia, re-envisioning the queer through Asian perspectives. The 2019 events close with a book launch and reception on 18 July at SOAS University of London, featuring short talks by some chapter authors.

Further information and the full programme can be found on the ‘Queer’ Asia website. Please contact with any queries.