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Justice Richard Goldstone participates in Beyond the Nuremberg / ICC Model of Justice events series

27 June 2019

From the 18th to the 21st of June, SOAS’s Centre for International Studies & Diplomacy (CISD) hosted former United Nations chief prosecutor for Rwanda and Yugoslavia, and anti-apartheid judge Justice Richard Goldstone. Justice Goldstone participated in a series of events co-organised by CISD, the Centre of Conflict Rights & Justice (CCRJ) entitled Beyond the Nuremberg / ICC Model of Justice. The series was organised in preparation for an emerging collaborative research project entitled: A Richer Paradigm of International Criminal Justice, led by Dr Plesch and Dr Phil Clark.

Richard Goldstone, International Justice in Africa

The first event Justice Goldstone participated in was International Justice in Africa, hosted in partnership with the Royal African Society. The panel included Dr Dan Plesch, BBC World’s Robert Misigaro, and was chaired by Professor Fareda Banda. The talk’s focus was twofold: Dr Plesch’s research into Ethiopia’s case submitted against Italy as part of the UN War Crimes Commission; and Justice Goldstone’s reflections on a career working in international justice in Africa, particularly the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

Richard Goldstone, BBC Africa

Justice Goldstone was interviewed by BBC Focus on Africa, where he discussed the significance of Dr Plesch’s UNWCC research, as well as the emerging research agenda A Richer Paradigm of International Criminal Justice, led by Dr Plesch and Dr Phil Clark.

Richard Goldstone, CISD Roundtable

The next event in the series was the rountable Justice for war criminals and human rights abusers, featured Justice Goldstone, Dr Plesch, and Dr Clark. It was chaired by Professor Alison Scott-Baumann. It examined the potential for implementing a richer paradigm of international criminal justice to fill the present gap in the area of 'positive complimentarity' - the use of lower level courts and processes to hold perpetrators to account. The event was attended by high-level and keen participants including practitioners, donors, academics and policymakers.

Panel, Doughty Street Chambers

Justice Goldstone and Dr Plesch then spoke at Doughty Street Chambers alongside Megan Hirst. The panel discussed the lessons from the work of the UNWCC, and some of the barriers to justice inherent to ICC mechanisms.

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