SOAS University of London

Training provided by SOAS to external organisations

26 July 2019

SOAS University of London has world-leading expertise in our regions and provides research-informed training and advice to a range of international and national organisations, including United Nations, NGOs and government bodies.

This is in line with best practice by all leading HEIs in the UK. Undertaking such work adds to capacity at UK institutions and enhances their ability to provide high-quality teaching to students.

We reject any suggestion that, in undertaking such work, we are perpetuating a colonial approach to between the UK and other nations. We take a critical non-Eurocentric stance in relation to our regions, which challenges preconceived notions about politics, culture and society.

We stand fully behind the academics from SOAS and other institutions who undertake this work. Any claim that engaging in such training calls into question the independent approach of individual academics, grossly misrepresents our colleagues who are operating entirely properly and in line with SOAS values.

SOAS academics determine what is delivered on external training programmes – and it is right and important that such independent, critical and research-informed perspectives are brought to bear on bodies which are engaged with these regions. 

Open Letter from SOAS academic, Professor Gilbert Achcar (pdf; 206kb)