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Times corrects serious mistakes in its SOAS Director story

9 August 2019

The Times has published a full and detailed correction to the serious mistakes it made in its 3 August 2019 story on the announcement of SOAS Director’s appointment in summer 2020 to lead University College Oxford.

Their correction published on 8 August follows the letter sent to the Times by Chair of Trustees, Marie Staunton which made clear that:

  • There was not a 40 per cent drop in student numbers at SOAS; 
  • Our Director will be moving to a new role at Oxford after 5 years at SOAS; and
  • Projected financial deficits for 2022-23 were illustrative of potential impact if no was action taken, and that SOAS now projects a surplus of more than 3 per cent for that period.

The Times now accurately reports these matters in their 8 August corrections column, and the original story has had this correction added.

The Times Correction:

Correction, August 08, 2019: The School of Oriental and African Studies (Soas) has asked us to clarify that the 40 per cent drop in student numbers is for its undergraduate intake. Including postgraduates the reduction is about 8 per cent. It has also asked us to put on the record that Baroness Amos’s departure as director will be at the end of an agreed five-year term, and that the financial deficit of £18.5 million that she projected for 2022-23 has been addressed, and a surplus of more than 3 per cent for that period is now predicted.