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SOAS in the Media: 2- 8 Oct

8 October 2019

Items related to Africa


CDR: Coverage of the African Promise, drafted by Emilia Onyema


Items related to Asia


BBC news, Channel 5 News, NBC News, BBC World Service, Euronews, Straits Times , Newsnight, CNA, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, Forces Radio, Fortune, WSJ, Daily Express, : Steve Tsang, Director of the SCI, discussed the continuing protests in Hong Kong, and the 70th anniversary of the PRC


Financial Times: Michael Buehler authors piece on "Indonesia takes a wrong turn in crusade against corruption"


Bloomberg News: Burzine Waghmar interviewed on Pakistan owing more debt to China than the IMF


Daily Mail: George Magnus, Research Associate, SOAS China Institute, "Don't be fooled by China's impressive show of military strength - it is a wounded behemoth"


Daily Mail and others including International Business Times - SOAS PhD student Johann Chacko quoted on India-Pakistan relations


Items related to other regions / General SOAS news


Mint: Alessandra Mezzadri published an article on fast fashion


Guardian:  Adrian Bradshaw who studied at SOAS in the 1980s and stayed in China to continue as a photographer discusses his best photo


Evening Standard: profile of SOAS alumna and musician, Elaine Correa