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Journal Publishes Special Issue of Responses to Dr Ernest Caldwell's Research on Transitional Justice in Taiwan.

21 October 2019

The Washington International Law Journal recently published a special issue of collected responses to Dr. Ernest Caldwell’s research on transitional justice in Taiwan (Vol 28.3: 2019). Dr. Caldwell’s earlier article “Transitional Justice Legislation in Taiwan Before and During the Tsai Administration” (Vol. 27 no. 2)  immediately generated much debate and copies were soon forwarded to the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the President, Dr. Tsai Ing-wen. Due to the popularity of the article, the journal editors held an open call for comments and made a subsequent decision to dedicate an entire issue to responses to Dr. Caldwell’s original article.

Five papers, written by scholars in Taiwan, Singapore, and Europe, were eventually selected for publication. They include Professor Mona Awi’s article on indigenous identity politics and transitional justice, Professors Chang-Liao Nien-chung and Chen Yu-jie’s analysis of transitional justice legislation, Professor Ian Rowan’s discussion of cross-strait politics and Taiwan’s transitional justice agenda, Professor Agnes Schick-Chen’s consideration of the challenges to Taiwan’s transitional justice posed by judiciary, as well as an introductory article by the Chairperson of the Taiwan Transitional Justice Commission, Yeh Hung-ling.

The articles are currently available for free download on the WILJ website:

https://www. washingtoninternationallawjour