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SOAS In The Media: 10 - 16 December

17 December 2019

Items related to Asia

  • Latest Media News: Professor Steve Tsang, Director of China Institute, comments on China's treatment of Uighur people - 10 Dec
  • Yale University Press Blog: George Magnus, Research Associate with the China Institute writes about trade relations between China and the US - 11 Dec
  • The Times: Director of the China Institute, Steve Tsang's letter to The Times about Chairman of the Bar Council, Richard Atkins, QC, attendance at China’s Global Lawyers Forum - 12 Dec
  • The Spectator, Nick Cohen – Coffee House, Berita Maju: Rachel Harris, Professor in Ethnomusicology, comments on China's treatment of Uighur people - 12 Dec
  • South China Morning Post, LINE Today HK, Stock Daily Dish: Professor Ian Inkster of the Centre of Taiwan Studies discusses Taiwanese politics - 13 Dec
  • Financial Times, Hidden Harmonies China Blog: Research Associate, Lauren Johnston's opinion piece on China's aging population - 14 Dec
  • Line Today: Stephen Chan, a professor of international relations comments on the role of Twitter in Chinese-African dipolmacy - 15 Dec
  • Yahoo! News, The Week Magazine, DailyMagazine.News, Stories Flow, Satoshi Nakamoto Blog: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute, gives a brief history of the handover of Hong Kong - 15 Dec
  • Director of the China Institute, Steve Tsang, comments on US/China trade talks - 15 Dec
  • Stock Daily Dish: Ernest Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Law, comments on a joint Spanish-Chinese investigation into an international phone scamming syndicate - 15 Dec
  • Dr Griseldis Kirsch, senior lecturer in contemporary Japanese culture, comments on virtual YouTubers in Japan - 15 Dec
  • Global Times (China): Article on Alumni, Jamie Bilbow's documentary "Granny Knows Best", featuring elderly Chinese grandmothers, who use traditional cooking methods - 11 Dec
  • Article on “Park Music”, the multimedia live art project of the artist and SOAS Alumni, Qin Siyuan - 12 Dec

Items related to Africa

Item related to the Middle East

  • Jacobin Italia: Interview with Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development Studies and International Relations, about the ongoing struggles Arab countries continue to face - 11 Dec
  • Arab Weekly: Seyed Ali Alavi, Senior Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Studies, comments on Iran-U.S relations - 14 Dec
  • BBC Radio 4, BBC Wales, BBC World Service Radio: Research Associate Robert Irwin, discusses the 14th century scholar Ibn Khaldun - 15 Dec
  • New Age (Bangladesh): Veysi Dag postdoctoral researcher, writes about the Kurdish population in the 21st century - 10 Dec
  • Article about SOAS Alumus, Rumana Nazim's work in the fashion industry in Dubai - 12 Dec

Items related to other regions / General SOAS news

  • Resilience: Review of Professor of Development Studies, Guy Standing’s book, ‘Plunder of the Commons’ - 11 Dec
  • BBC Radio 4: Gurharpal Singh, Professor of Sikh and Punjab Studies, speaks about the significance of the UK's Scarman report from 1981 on the Three Pounds in My Pocket programme - 13 Dec
  • New Era LIVE: Article on Brunei Gallery's ‘Stolen Moments’ exhibition - 13 Dec
  • The Sunday Guardian (India): Dr Paul Stott, Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, writes about the London Brdige attacker, Usman Khan - 14 Dec
  • Strife: Dr Dan Plesch delivered expert briefing at an event on nuclear weapons - 14 Dec
  • Haaretz: Professor in Israel Studies, Colin Shindler write article on Labour's defeat and its relationship with the Jewish community - 15 Dec
  • LSE: Dr Tobias Franz, Lecturer in Economics, discusses the political economy of Columbia - 16 Dec
  • Epoch Times: Article on SOAS SU's event; "Hong Kong College Student Alumni Visiting the British Mission" - 16 Dec
  • baghdadhope: Republished SOAS blog from current LLM in Law and Gender student, Koko Alhusainy on Human Rights - 11 Dec
  • E-Iternational Relations: SOAS student Yatana Yamahata's essay on Decolonising World Politics - 15 Dec
  • New Indian Express: Article on percussionist, producer and Alumni, Sarathy Korwar's new album - 11 Dec