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SOAS in the Media: 3- 9 March

10 March 2020

Items related to Asia 

  • South China Morning Post, NBC News, The New York Times, India Today and over 200 other global media outlets: Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Insitute comments on China's handling of the coronavirus outbreak - 03 Mar
  • Bloomberg: Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Institute comments on the implications of the UK government's plans to open private schools in China - 06 Mar
  • BBC News, HKMsn, MSN Philippines and 12 other media outlets: Dr Christina Maags, Lecturer in Chinese Politics discusses the impact of the coronavirus on Asian women - 08 Mar
  • Financial Times, Taiwan Insight: Professor Ian Inkster Professorial Research associate at the Centre of Taiwan Studies writes about the electoral victory of the DPP in Taiwan - 06 Mar
  • Electronic Product Design: George Magnus, Research Associate at the SOAS China Institute, comments on the fact that coronavirus will hinder China's economic development - 04 Mar
  • talkRADIO: Dr. Andrea Janku Senior Lecturer in the History of China discusses China - 07 Mar
  • Taipei Times: Dr Ming-yeh Rawnsley Professor at SOAS's Center of Taiwan Studies, discusses her research on lost Taiwanese Cinema - 05 Mar
  • ThePrint: Dr Ayesha Siddiqa Research Associate at the SOAS South Asia Institute writes about why the world and especially India, should read JeM’s celebration of US-Taliban peace deal - 09 Mar
  • Daily Observer (Gambia): SOAS Alumni Dr. Shahnaz Huda, discusses women's rights and gender justice in India - 06 Mar
  • The Better India, Article about SOAS alumni and Indian Anthropologist and activist Dr Irawati Karve - 05 Mar
  •,, Interview with SOAS alumni Rathin Roy - 04 Mar
  • EIN News, ThePrint, UC News: The SOAS India Society protest against anti-Muslim violence in Delhi - 03 Mar 

Items related to Africa 

  • BBC World Service Radio: Laura Hammond, Professor of Development Studies, appears on BBC World Service to discuss the last emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie - 05 Mar
  • The East African, EIN News: Laura Hammond, Professor of Development Studies, writes about the Horn of Africa's refugee crisis - 06 Mar
  • Bulawayo24 News: Stephen Chan, Professor of International Relations comments on talks between Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa - 08 Mar
  • AllAfrica: A profile of SOAS alumnus Awn Al-Sharif Qasim, who died in 2006 - 09 Mar

Items related to Middle East 

  • Dailyhunt: Professor Muhammad Abdel-Haleem, Director of the Center for Islamic Studies comments on Saudi Arabia's decision to halt the umrah pilgrimage - 04 Mar
  • The Guardian, UC News, Allusanewshub: Dr Yair Wallach Senior Lecturer in Israeli studies writes about the role of Palestinian voters in Israel's elections - 05 Mar
  • Haaretz: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development Studies and International Relations, discusses Holocaust Denial in the Middle East - 04 Mar
  • The National (United Arab Emirates): Maram Ahmed Senior Fellow writes about the demand for public services in the Gulf - 04 Mar
  • CADTM: Costas Lapavitsas, Professor of Economics at SOAS, writes that Lebanon is a severe case of subordinate financialisation that must avoid the IMF - 09 Mar
  • Al Jazeera, World News Network: Dr Nimer Sultany, Reader in Public Law, comments on the Israel elections - 03 Mar
  • The Jerusalem Post: Professor Colin Shindler, Emeritus Professor at SOAS, reviews the book 'A Train to Palestine' - 05 March
  • Al-Bayan (UAE): A profile of Emerati SOAS alumnus Munira Al Sayegh, now an artist - 09 Mar

Items related to other regions/General SOAS news 

  • Advance HE, Pro-Director (Learning and Teaching) Professor Deborah Johnston has been appointed as a commissioner of the newly-formed Disabled Students' Commission (DSC) - 09 Mar
  • Positive MoneyThai News Service, Tax Research UK, Economia and 12 other media outlets: Dr Ulrich Volz, Reader in Economics and the SOAS Centre for Sustainable Finance sign a letter to the Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey to step up climate change action - 04 Mar
  • The Guardian, The Observer, UC News,: Alison Scott-Baumann, Professor of Society & Belief comments on the government's Prevent strategy - 08 Mar
  • AL ARABY AL JADEED (ARABIC): Dr Eleanor Newbigin, Senior Lecturer in the History of Modern South Asia, discusses universities relationship with colonialism - 07 Mar
  • The F-Word: References Senior Lecturer in the History of Modern South Asia, Dr Eleanor Newbigin's involvement in the creation of the play Santi & Naz at the Vaults Festival - 06 Mar
  • CIHT: Professor Edward Simpson, Director of the SOAS South Asia Institute discusses the political and economic barriers to the implementation of low carbon transport in south Asia and Africa? - 04 Mar
  • Azartac: Scott Redford, Professor of Islamic Art and Archaeology, lectures on The South Caucasus in the Middle Ages (XI-XIII centuries) at the University of Oxford - 03 Mar
  • Business Line, Hindu Business Line,, John Weeks, Emeritus Professor in Development Studies writes about the global economic and social effects of the coronavirus outbreak - 06 Mar
  • E-Iternational Relations, Big News Network: Interview with Research Associate at the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, Professor Swati Parashar - 08 Mar
  • Vogue: Interview with SOAS Teaching Fellow Emma Dabiri about her work to change the conversation around Afro hair - 06 Mar
  • Irish Tatler: Emma Dabiri, Teaching Fellow, is named as one of Ireland's most inspiring women - 05 Mar
  • Brand Finance: Research & Teaching Fellow Omar Salha speaks at the Global Finance conference on Soft Power - 03 Mar
  • Green Queen: SOAS study on Fairtrade is referenced - 04 Mar
  • Management Consultancies Association: SOAS alumni Fathima Rahman writes about her experience as an economic consultant - 05 Mar
  • InQuire: SOAS alumni and former diplomat for the United Kingdom to North Korea, James Hoare, speaks at Kent University - 06 Mar
  • Daily Trust (Nigeria): SOAS alumna Saadiya Aminu is listed as one of Nigeria's greatest women for IWD - 08 Mar
  • Chicago Gallery News: Profile piece on SOAS alumna Cara Stacey - 08 Mar
  • The Bridge: SOAS alumna Helen Ramscar writes about the UK and EU's Brexit negotiations - 09 Mar
  • & Arablit: SOAS alumnus, Joseph Devine writes about author Taghreed Najja's latest book - 09 Mar
  • The Guardian, Newsrust, Allusanewshub, Yahoo! UK and Ireland: A profile of Hishek Bishek, an Arabic club night that began at SOAS - 09 Mar
  • SOAS named as one of London's Universities that scored well in the QS World University rankings - 09 Mar