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SOAS in the Media: 21-27 April

28 April 2020

Items related to Asia

  • The Guardian, Hong Kong Herald, Africa Leader, Boston News and over 75 other global media outlets: Steve Tsang Director of the SOAS China Institute comments on China's attempts to clapdown on Hong Kong - 22 Apr
  • New York PostSouth China Morning Post, The Daily Telegraph, Punch, Yonhap News, India Times Post and over 30 other global media outlets: Steve Tsang Director of the SOAS China Institute comments on China's attempts to control the coronavirus pandemic narrative - 22 Apr -28 Apr
  • South China Morning Post, Papamuda: Steve Tsang Director of the SOAS China Institute comments on the British government's and public's perceptions of China in the light of the coronavirus pandemic - 22 Apr
  • VICE, Donna Moderna: Steve Tsang Director of the SOAS China Institute comments on the possibility of Kim Jong-Un's sister Kim Yo-Jong becoming the next leader of North Korea - 21 Apr
  • Assemble Papers: Ashley Thompson, Professor of Southeast Asian arts discusess the legacy of Vann Molyvann the most prolific architect of modern Cambodia - 23 Apr
  • Yale Global Online: George Magnus, Research Associate, writes about internal and external concerns in governance in China - 24 Apr
  • UrduPoint, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Sunday Express, NBC, Pravda: James Edward Hoare, Research Associate in East Asian Languages & Cultures comments on rumors surrounding North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un's health - 27 Apr
  • BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky News: Professor Hazel Smith, Professorial Research Associate in Korean Studies discussed speculation about the health of North Korea leader Kim-Jong-Un - 27 Apr
  • CNN,, The World News: Keith Howard, Emeritus Professor of Music comments on North Korean music and traditions - 25 Apr
  • LINE Today HK, Ming Pao: Zhao Zhiyang, Doctoral candidate in Politics and International Studies comments on the relations between Thailand, China and Vietnam in regard to Mekong River - 25 Apr
  • Moja News, Quartz, Hangwei Li, Research Associate in Politics and International Studies writes that the attacks againt Africans in Guangzhou is a big threat to China’s coronavirus diplomacy - 22 Apr
  • Bloomberg, Times of India, The Express Tribune  and 12 other global media outlets: Burzine Waghmar, a member of the Centre for the Study of Pakistan, comments on religious group's gatherings emerging as coronavirus hotspots in Malaysia, India and Pakistan - 21 Apr
  • UC News, Quint: Radha Varadarajan, Masters student in International Politics writes about indigneous Indian Desi Languages and why they need saving - 23 Apr
  • Times of India, Dailyhunt, Economic Times and over 20 other media outlets: Mohammad Omar, a Masters student at SOAS, talks about returning to India in March during the pandemic - 21 Apr
  • India News Stream: SOAS Professor Jairus Banaji signs a letter protesting the arrest of Muslim youths under draconian laws for alleged inflammatory speeches - 21 Apr
  • SEAArch – Southeast Asian Archaeology: SOAS is one of a few universities contributing to online lectures on Southeast Asian Archaeology - 21 Apr
  • SOAS alumna Ann Måwe becomes Sweden's new Ambassador to Vietnam - 25 Apr 

Items related to Africa

  • Deutsche Welle, Focus Online, Taiwan NewsAllAfrica and 8 other global media outlets: Stephen Chan, Professor of Politics and International relations comments on China's influence in Africa as it sends aid packages to the continent - 23 Apr
  • Al JazeeraFrance Breaking News, Riau24, Ventures Africa, Sicurezza Internazionale and 4 other media outlets: Dr Phil Clark, Professor of International Politics  comments on relations between DRC and Rwanda in light of recent attacks on the Rwandan armed group ‘FDLR-FOCA' - 24 Apr
  • EuroNews, Kazakhstan News: Fernandes Wanda, Research Associate in Development studies in comments on the decline in global oil prices and its impact on the Angolan economy - 27 Apr
  • The Africa Report: Hangwei Li, Research Associate in Politics and International Studies writes about China’s Coronavirus diplomacy in Africa-  24 Apr
  • Modern Ghana, SOAS alumnus Ebenezer Azamati recieves PhD scholarship at Cambridge - 22 Apr

Items related to the Middle East

  • Project on Middle East Political Science: Salwa Ismail, Professor of Politics, discusses talks about her latest book, The Rule of Violence: Subjectivity, Memory and Government in Syria, in this podcast - 24 Apr

Items related to other regions/SOAS General 

  • PoliticoEnvironmental Finance, Morning Energy and 5 other media outlets: Dr Ulrich Voz, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Finance comments on 'brown taxonomy' and high risk investments - 24 Apr
  • Deutsche Welle: Dr Ulrich Volz, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Finance is interviewed about the Argentine debt crisis (TV) - 26 Apr
  • New Politics: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development studies writes about the future of Neoliberalism in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic- 24 Apr
  • New Books Network: Dr Caspar Melville, Co-Chair of Centre for Creative Industries, Media and Screen Studies discusses his book "It's a London Thing: How Rare Groove, Acid House and Jungle Remapped the City" in this podcast - 24 Apr
  • Monocle: Dr Phil Clark, Professor of International Politics reviews the day's papers from across the world - 27 Apr 
  • BirGun: SOAS' Professor Guy Standing comments that Universal Basic Income will come to the agenda of most countries sooner or later - 21 Apr
  • Jewish Chronicle: Colin Shindler, Emeritus Professor of Israel Studies, writes about the 100th anniversary of the San Remo conference in Italy - 23 Apr
  • Público: SOAS' Jorge García Arias is among 250 scholars subscribing to a post-Covid 19 economic manifesto - 21 Apr
  • Al Jazeera: Aina Khan, Masters student in Religion in Politics writes about the rise in fears for the UK's non-coronavirus patients who need medical support - 27 Apr
  • donnasbookblog: Sean Gasper Bye, SOAS alumnus, translates the new book 'The King of Warsaw' - 21 Apr
  • SOAS University scores well in the World University Impact rankings - 23 Apr