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Languages for Lockdown

5 May 2020

 日本語が話せますか?   شما فارسی صحبت می کنید؟   Unapenda kujifunza Kiswahili?  

Have you always wanted to try to learn a language but never had the time? Well the new ‘SOAS Languages for Lockdown’ project offers the chance to explore our world’s wonderful linguistic complexity and invites everyone on a journey with the languages of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Join us every week for a free online taster of an African, Asian, or Middle Eastern language. Drawing on our expertise in research, teaching and scholarship, languages in the series will be chosen from the many African, Asian and Middle Eastern languages in which we we have scholarly expertise such as Arabic, Persian, Swahili, Nepali, Hindi/Urdu Zulu, Shanghainese, Japanese, Malay/Indonesian and many others. Episodes will focus on the cultural history, literature, or structure of the language, combined with some practical language learning tips and hands-on lessons. 

All episodes will be available on the SOAS YouTube channel, building up a series of different global languages over time. Be sure to subscribe to so you receive each new video every week!

The first language in the series is Japanese which you can watch below. 

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Language for Lockdown: Japanese Translation

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