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SOAS in the Media: 5-11 May

12 May 2020

Items related to Asia

  • Deutsche Welle, World News, Daily Hunt: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on China's economy and future global trade relations - 07 May
  • Bloomberg: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Insitute discusses the future of Huawei's involvement with 5G in the UK and why that for Bejing, foreign reaction is less important than the security of the Communist Party in power in China - 11 May
  • Daily ExpressThe News Lens, Daily Observer (Gambia): Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Institute comments on China's attempts to control the coronavirus pandemic narrative - 05 May
  • Nestia: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on speculation about Kim Jong-Un's health and decrease in public appearances - 06 May
  • The Atlantic, DNyuz: Muhammad Abdel Haleem, Director of the Centre of Islamic Studies, comments on the difficulties of Ramadan during coronavirus lockdowns in Pakistan - 07 May
  • The South Asian Express: Ian Inkster, Professorial Research Associate at the Centre of Taiwan studies, writes about COVID 19 in South Asia in a global context - 6 May
  • Asian Culture VultureOpen: Rachel Dwyer, Professor of Indian Cultures and Cinema, writes about the lives of Indian film stars Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan - 06 May
  • feminist review: Navtej Purewa, Professor of Development Studies, writes about how the Covid-19 crisis has been weaponised in India - 08 May
  • The Pioneer: Undergraduate Ranvijay Singh writes about how the Taliban are increasing attacks in Afghanistan and why India needs to take stock of the situation - 08 May
  • Wire: A number of SOAS academics sign statement condemning the 'Crackdown on Dissent' During India's COVID-19 Lockdown - 08 May

Items related to Africa

  • South China Morning Post, China QW, China Daily News, Stephen Chan, Professor of Politics and International Relations comments on China's influence in Africa as it sends aid packages to the continent - 10 May
  • Middle East Eye, EIN News: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development and International Relations, writes about the uprisings in Sudan and Algeria - 10 May
  • Rebelión: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development and International Relations, writes about the impact of the "December Revolution" in Sudan - 06 May
  • The Conversation, Africa Leader, Paris News, Modern Ghana and over 50 other global media outlets: Hugo Hadji, Research Associate in Ethnomusicology, writes about the life and legacy of famous Algerian singer and musician Idir - 08 May
  • War on the Rocks, Epeakin: Bulama Bukarti, Research Associate in Law, writes about the challenge of Boko Haram Defectors in Chad - 06 May
  • SOAS alumnus Keri Leicher writes about the multiple impacts of Covid-19 in Africa - 08 May

Items related to the Middle East

  • TruthoutRussia News Now: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development and International Relations, is interviewed about the coronavirus pandemic and oil crisis could make a second Arab spring return with a vengeance - 06 May
  •, Costas Lapavistas, Professor of Economics, comments on Lebanon's financial position and economy - 06 May
  • E-Iternational Relations: Interview with Zeynep N. Kaya, Senior Teaching Fellow in Development Studies about her work in Kurdish politics and the Middle East - 11 May
  • The European Council on Foreign Relations, AgenParl: Helen Lackner, Research Associate in Development Studies, writes about the conflict in Yemen - 08 May
  • Plus61J: Colin Shindler, Emeritus professor of Israel Studies, writes about diaspora leaders of Jewish communities and their silence on annexation - 11 May
  • Middle East Institute: SOAS alumnus Danny Makki writes about Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf and the challenges he poses for Assad - 06 May

Items related to other regions/General SOAS

  • Der Spiegel: Ulrich Volz, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Finance comments on how the coronavirus pandemic is damaging Argentina's already weak economy - 10 May
  • The Statesman: Salwa Ismail, Professor of Politics, comments on the identity politics of Tablighi Jamaat - 05 May
  • Business Scoop, Raconteur, Organic Consumers Association, En Positivo: Interview with Guy Standing, Research Associate in development studies, about Universal Basic Income and its need in the coronavirus era - 07 May
  • Eco-Business: Announcement of Jeanne Stamp, Senior Fellow for Centre Sustainable Finance joining the centre - 11 May
  • VICE: Toslima Khatun, a PhD candidate & researcher, comments on the needs to make school curriculums more inclusive. The Decolonising SOAS Group is also mentioned - 06 May
  • Green Watch Dhaka: John Weeks, Professor Emeritus writes about Germany's decision to end treaty pretences - 11 May
  • Theos Think Tank: Interview with Satbir Singh SOAS alumnus and CEO for The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants - 11 May
  • Global Voices, The SOAS World Languages Institute is collaborating with the virALLanguages project to ensure speakers of minority languages have access to basic COVID-19 health information - 11 May
  • Research Professional News: Write up of the SOAS Reasearch for Development webinar from 30 April - 07 May
  • Magic Radio, Planet Radio: References that a character in the TV Killing Eve studied Arabic at SOAS - 05 May