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SOAS in the Media: 23-29 June

30 June 2020

Items related to Asia

  • Times Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed: Steve Tsang Director, SOAS China Institute comments on the possibility of China Using Its Students as Bargaining Chips in Taiwan - 23 Jun
  • South China Morning Post, Nestia: Steve Tsang Director, SOAS China Institute comments on China's use of digital technologies for state control - 27 Jun
  • Al Jazeera, France Breaking News, Bioreports: Steve Tsang Director, SOAS China Institute discusses the China-India border clash - 27 Jun
  • CNN, Daily Star Post, Paperblog, The World News and ten other media outlets: Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Institute, comments on divisions in Beijing about street distributors and certain economic practices - 28 Jun
  • South China Morning Post: Steve Tsang, Director of the SOAS China Institute, comments on the scret meetings of China's National Commission - 29 Jun
  • Quartz, Nonperele: Steve Tsang comments on China's diplomatic relations with the EU - 24 Jun
  • Blogarama, East Asia Forum, Eurasia Review: Helen Macnaughtan Senior Lecturer in International Business and Management writes about Japan, The Olympics And The COVID-19 Pandemic - 23 Jun
  • The Conversation, Dailyhunt, Qrius: Alessandra Mezzadri, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies writes about How Asia’s clothing factories switched to making PPE - 29 Jun
  • The Star Malaysia, China Daily: Stephen Chan, Professor of World Politics and International relations, comments on CXi Ping's statement that China will cancel the debt of African countries, and he urged the world to provide debt relief to address the economic distress caused by COVID-19. - 23 Jun
  • The News International: Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, Research Associate, SOAS South Asia Institute writes about Pakistan's bureaucracy - 27 Jun
  • JacbobinMagWire: Dr Owen Miller, Lecturer in Korean Studies writes about the hidden history of the Korean war - 25 Jun
  • Sri Lanka Daily News: Dr. Priyal E. Perera, tutor for the Department of Financial& Management Studies, writes about economic development in Sri Lanka - 25 Jun
  • BBC Portuguese, Kenyan News, Época Brazil and 6 other media outlets: Dr Lauren Johnston, Research Associate, SOAS China Institute, comments on how the coronavirus threatens the Silk Road, China's biggest foreign policy initiative - 23 Jun
  • China Daily: Dr Lauren Johnston Research Associate at the China Institute writes about China's economic and social priorities - 24 Jun
  • Daily Express, India Times Post, The Stars Post and 4 other media outlets: Dr James Hoare, a Research Associate in Department of East Asian Languages & Culture comments on Kim Jong-Un's relectance to give up nuclear weapons - 24 Jun
  • Sixth Tone: Xianan Jin, a Ph.D. candidate comments on cosmetic companies plans to remove skin-whitening products and the effect on the Asian community - 29 Jun
  • News India: SOAS alumnus, Ashutosh Nagda writes about India's clash with China in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh - 29 Jun

Items related to Africa

  • Koulouba:Senior Lecturer in the History of Africa, Dr Marie Rodet's research on slavery in Mali quoted - 23 Jun

Items related to other regions/SOAS General

  • Business Insider US, AllAfrica, FinanceAttitude and ten other media outlets: Valerie Amos Director of SOAS is one of the Mastercard Foundation Board of Directors - 25 Jun

  • Business Live (South Africa)Hillcrest - Fever: Adam Habib, SOAS Director-elect writes about We shouldn't simply break down offensive statues, but we can reimagine them - 25 Jun 
  • SABC NewsCameroon Magazine: Annoucement of the new Wits University Vice-Chancellor who will replace Adam Habib when he joins SOAS as Director in January 2021 - 25 Jun
  • Wired, India Everyday: Richard Williams, Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, discusses K-Pop fan engagement and how K-Pop fans have mobilised in political activism - 25 Jun
  • Developing Economics: Dr Sara Stevano Lecturer in Economics, writes about The latest significant step in the UK’s development agenda - 24 Jun
  • Financial Express, Express Pharma: Guy Standing, Professorial Research Associate in Development studies, writes about Why basic income seems to be the best bet in times of Covid-19 - 26 Jun
  • The Conversation, Alfredo Saad Filho, Professorial Research Associate, writes about how Brazil became the second worst affected country in the world from coronavirus - 29 Jun
  • Theos Think Tank: New report 'Bridging the Gap: Economic Inequality and Church Responses in the UK’ from Theos thinktank Simon Perfect, Teaching Fellow in Department of Religions and Philosophies, School of History, Religions and Philosophies is the author of the report. - 25 Jun
  • Sikh Dharma International: Interview with Kirit Singh PhD candidate in music - 26 Jun
  • Público (Portugal): SOAS Masters student, Margarida Villas-Boas signs open letter to the Portuguese Prime Minister calling for the coronavirus recovery plan to include a new green deal - 29 Jun
  • Diversity UK: The work of SOAS Alumnus and Founder of The Black Curriculum Lavinya Stennett is referenced in relation to the campaign for putting Black history and colonial history on the national curriculum - 24 Jun
  • European Tribune, Blue Mass Group, Daily Kos: Information on London Climate Action Week which is taking place this week and is jointly organised by the SOAS Centre for Sustainable Finance and the LSE Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. - 29 Jun
  • Partnership between SOAS and MountCrest University College, Ghana mentions - 29 Jun
  • The Independent: SOAS student's calls to decolonise the curriculum is referenced in this article - 29 Jun