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SOAS in the Media: 15-21 Dec

22 December 2020

Items related to Asia

  • South China Morning Post: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on the need for China to help with the investigation to find out the origin of the pandemic, instead of blocking it - 18 Dec
  • South China Morning Post: Steve Tsang comments on UK-China relations as the UK ambassador to China - 17 Dec
  • Science Magazine: Steve Tsang comments on Li Wenliang Wuhan based ophthalmologist who documented his story of Covid-19 and shortly after died of the disease - 17 Dec
  • Press From: Steve Tsang discusses the different paths of Macau and Hong Kong - 20 Dec
  • Climate Change News: Steve Tsang comments on Taiwan's plans to set a 2050 net zero target next year - 15 Dec
  • Hindustan Times: Avinash Paliwal, Senior Lecturer in International Relations writes about India-UK relations post-Brexit - 15 Dec
  • Open Democracy: Dr Subir Sinha, Senior Lecturer in Institutions and Development writes about how COVID has blurred the lines between waged, coerced and trafficked labour in India - 21 Dec
  • BBC News: Lauren Johnston, Research Associate at the China Insitute comments on China's health diplomacy or the 'Silk Road of Health' - 18 Dec
  • ThePrint: Ayesha Siddiqa, Research Associate at the South Asia Institute and CISD writes about why the Pakistan Army is now an echo chamber after what it did to ex-ISI chief Asad Durrani - 15 Dec
  • EIN News: Hashim bin Rashid PhD candidate in Development Studies writes about Agrarian dissent in South Asia - 17 Dec

Items related to Africa

  • Deutsche Welle, AllAfrica: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of International Relations comments on why the Arab Spring never engulfed sub-Saharan Africa - 15 Dec
  • FES: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of International Relations writes about the first decade of the Arab Revolutionary Process - 16 Dec
  • The Global Anticorruption Blog: Pallavi Roy of the SOAS Anti-Corruption Evidence Consortium writes about why Nigeria’s Main Anticorruption Body Should Not Become a Debt Collection Agency, and How to Stop It - 16 Dec

Items related to Middle East

  • France24Deutsche Welle: Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Professor of Global Thought and Comparative Philosophies comments on what remains of the Arab Spring ten years later - 17 Dec
  • Lenta: Gilbert Achcar, Professor of International Relations comments on how the Arab Spring ended and why it could happen again - 17 Dec

Items related to other regions/SOAS General

  • The Daily Telegraph: Monika Nangia, Director of Student and Academic Services discusses the positive steps SOAS took to establish online teaching during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic - 20 Dec
  • The Guardian: Tom Selwyn, Professorial Research Associate in Anthropology, writes a letter to The Guardian about why English nationalism will be the UK's undoing marks bond with Wuhan amid pandemic observances - 15 Dec
  • Kingston Courier: Interview with Lucia Kula, the Black Student Support Officer and one of the co-ordinators of the Ebony initiative and Hannah Abdullahi one of the students taking part in the programme - 17 Dec
  • B&F Times Online: Coverage of the Centre for Global Finance's virtual event ‘Private Capital Flows and Inclusive Finance: The Moderating Roles of Domestic Financial Markets and Institutions' - 15 Dec