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SOAS in the Media: 23 - 29 March

30 March 2021

Items related to Asia

  • BBC Radio 4, Times Radio, The Diplomat Magazine: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on China's relations with the West amid sanctions imposed on China - 26 Mar
  • Vogue Business: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on the dilema for luxury brands in calling out China over the treatment of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang - 29 Mar
  • Japan Times, The Investor (Korea): George Magnus, Research Associate at the China Institute writes about China's five year plan - 28 Mar
  • ThePrint, ExBulletin: Ayesha Siddiqa, Research Associate at the South Asia Institute and CISD comments on relations between Pakistan and India - 28 Mar
  • Deutsche Welle, Taiwan News, Egypt Independent, India Blooms: Burzine Waghmar, Centre for the Study of Pakistan member, commented on domestic criticism of Pakistan's 65th National Day celebration expenses during an impending third COVID-19 wave. 25 Mar
  • Japan Forward: Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the China Institute writes an article analysing the significance for Japan and South Korea of the meeting in Alaska between US Secretary of State Antony Biden and China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi - 23 Mar
  • China Radio International: Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the China Institute discusses the EU’s response to China’s vaccine diplomacy - 24 Mar
  • Japan Story:Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the China Institute joins a podcast to discuss the economic and political implications of the coup in Myanmar for Japan - 24 Mar
  • Council On Foreign Relations: Robert Barnett, Professorial Research Associate writes about China's policies in Tibet and Xinjiang - 29 Mar

Items related to Africa

  • The Economist: Phil Clark, Professor of World Politics, comments on Rwanda's economy over the past 20 years - 27 Mar
  • Know Show Podcast: Phil Clark discusses his research on post-atrocity justice in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo- 24 Mar

Items related to the Middle East

  • Times of India: Colin Shindler, Emeritus Professor of Israel studies, comments on Benjamin Netanyahu's political survival - 23 Mar

Items related to other regions/SOAS General

  • Reuters, Vatican News, National Catholic Reporter: Dan Plesch, Director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) comments on the need to divert military expenses to improve health and fight poverty as adovcated by the Vatican - 23 Mar
  • Developing Economics: Sara Stevano, Lecturer in Economics, Alessandra Mezzadri, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies and Hannah Bargawi, Senior Lecturer in Economics write about what the COVID-19 Pandemic has revealed and why we need to put Social Reproduction - 23 Mar
  • Press Association, Evening Standard, Metro, Daily Mail: Alyaa Ebbiary, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant explains why images of the Prophet Mohammed offensive to Muslims - 28 Mar
  • Al Jazeera: John Campbell, Emeritus Reader of Anthropology and Law discusses the UK's new immigration rules for asylum - 25 Mar
  • Forbes: Felicia Jackson, Member of the Centre for Sustainable Finance, writes about the UK's annoucement of £54 million towards automotive innovation as part of its Green Industrial Revolution strategy - 23 Mar