SOAS University of London

BA History dissertation prize 2021

14 July 2021

It is a great pleasure to announce that this year's undergraduate History dissertation prize has been awarded to Maria Ion (BA International Relations and History) for her study entitled 'A Gendered Experience: the Multidimensionality of Sexual Abuse in the Armenian Genocide.' Drawing on a wide range of primary and secondary sources, including government archives, memoirs, and oral history testimonies Maria's ISP navigates this exceedingly difficult and painful history of sexual violence and genocide in a nuanced and careful way. It is well situated in the existing historiography and informed by the relevant theoretical literature.

This is a wonderful achievement, in particular in this year that has been so difficult for everybody in so many different ways. In this respect Maria's thesis represents all the work accomplished by our students this year. We received quite a number of outstanding dissertations, which is why the panel decided to make further Special Mention awards to:

  • Muadh Amanour (BA History), 'Framing the Photographs of the Elbise-i 'Osmaniyye: Investigating Late Ottoman Sartorial Cultures as Avenues of Resistance to 19th-century Ideas of Modernity and Tradition'
  • Andreas Bowen (BA History and Turkish), 'The Secret Migration: Documenting the Political Migration of Cypriot Communists to mid-late 20th-century Britain'
  • Zayn Bukhari (BA History), 'Beware the Mountain Men: What Oral Histories of the British Poonchi Diaspora Can Reveal about Historical Understandings of  the Kashmir Conflict'
  • Dom Colwell-Hector (BA Chinese and History), 'A Tale of Six Cities: Situating Islam, the Islamicate and the Muslim under Infidel Rule in Altishahr, c. 1759-1911'
  • Beth Troote (BA International Relations and History), 'Remembering Empire, Commemorating Trauma: an Ethnographic Study into the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum as a Microcosm of Japan's "History Problem"

Enthusiastic congratulations to everyone!