SOAS University of London

External Event: The Good Mind - Nurturing Nature

16 July 2021

Sunday 25th July 2021, 5pm BST

Join via Zoom

Meeting ID: 873 6041 9580

Passcode: GOOD MIND

Panelists: Khojeste P. Mistree and Farrokh Mistree

Co-ordinated and moderated by Karishma Koka

Abstract: The great strength of the Zoroastrian faith is that it enjoins the caring of the physical world not merely to seek spiritual salvation, but because human beings, as the purposeful creation of Ahura Mazda, are seen as the natural motivators or overseers of the Seven Creations, namely, sky, water, earth, plants, animals, humans and fire. As the only conscious creation, humans have the ultimate task of caring for the universe. The faith endorses the caring of Seven Creations, as part of a symbiotic relationship. Zoroastrianism sees the physical world as a natural matrix of Seven Creations in which life and growth are interdependent if harmony and perfection are to be the final goal. This goal is to be achieved by recreating the primeval unity of a perfect world, unpolluted and unsullied, as was first conceived by Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord.

Khojeste, will highlight some principles, anchored in Zoroastrian doctrine and practice, that are foundational to sustainable development when harmony and perfections are to be the final goal.

Farrokh, will relate what Khojeste shares by way of natural matrix of the seven creations to UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how these are put into practice by a Social Entrepreneur, Ashok Das, of SunMoksha in India.