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GCCI student's video essay in the Sight and Sound List of Best Video Essays of 2021

24 January 2022

Congratulations to Lucie Emch, for making it to the Sight and Sound list of Best Video Essays of 2021! The video is entitled ‘The Representation of Rape on Screen: How the Gaze Influences our (Mis)Conceptions of Sexual Assaults’, and offers a unique and thought-provoking comparative study of the music video Rapin*, by Swedish singer Jenny Wilson and Ida Lupino’s film Outrage (1950).

In the School of Arts, there are a range of creative assessments, encouraging critical and innovative reflection through practice. One such forms of assessment is the video essay, a video where there is an academic argument being performed or articulated audiovisually. Class members have been producing excellent work of publication standards, with technical and academic support from Jeremy Glasgow, delivering Editing Skills Workshops at the SOAS Media Lab, Dr Estrella Sendra, co-author of the Introductory Guide to Video Essays and Associate Editor in Screenworks, and Prof Lindiwe Dovey, whose project Screen Worlds offers free online film editing training.

We are delighted to share the great news that Lucie Emch’s video essay, made for Global Film Industries, co-convened by Prof Lindiwe Dovey and Estrella Sendra, was published in Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays. After this huge achievement, we are even more excited to see that Lucie Emch’s video essay has made it to the Sight and Sound list of Best Video Essays of 2021. Congratulations!