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SOAS in the Media: 18-24 January

25 January 2022

Items related to Asia 

  • The Guardian: Soe Tjen Marching, Lecturer in Indonesian, comments on the need for the British government to apologise for its role in the 1960s massacre of Indonesians linked to the Indonesia communist party (PKI) - 23 Jan
  • Fortune: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute, comments on Chinese official's strong Covid regulations in the lead-up to the upcoming Chinese New Year and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics - 18 Jan
  • GB News: Professor Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute comments on the likelhood of more "spies" in UK Government working for China's Communist Party - 22 Jan
  • MCU-Times: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Insitute, comments on the release of Hong Kong activist Edward Leung - 19 Jan
  • South China Morning Post: Ayesha Siddiqa, Research Associate at the Centre of South Asian studies, comments on first national security policy and the issue of Kashmir - 21 Jan
  • The Diplomat Magazine: Duncan Bartlett and Steve Tsang from the SOAS China Institute consider the approach of the intelligence agencies towards China, following M15`s warning of an agent`s infiltration into British politics - 21 Jan
  • Japan Forward: Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the SOAS China Institute explains the role of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in shaping the recent defence pact with Australia - 18 Jan
  • Asharq Television: Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the SOAS China Institute, joins a live TV discussion about China's investment in Morocco and North Africa - 18 Jan
  • China In Context: Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate with the SOAS China Institute discusses the security situation in East Asia with author Bill Emmott - 18 Jan
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Robert Barnett comments on Professorial Research Associate comments on China's increased constuction work along its borders with India and Bhutan - 21 Jan

Items related to Africa

  • The Conversation, AllAfrica, Irish Sun, Devdiscourse: Matthew Gordon, PhD candidate in Politics, writes about Somaliland’s quest for recognition and the UK's recent attention to the region - 21 Jan
  • BBC Radio 3: Estrella Sendra Fernandez,  Lecturer in Film and Screen Studies appeared on programme 'Free Thinking', to discuss the classic Senegalese film Touki Bouki - 20 Jan

Items related to other regions/SOAS General 

  • Times Higher Education: SOAS Director Adam Habib is referenced in this article on university leadership and global links - 18 Jan
  • SOAS Director Adam Habib meets the Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez - 19 Jan
  • The New Scientist: Richard Widdess, Emeritus Professor of Musicology, writes his view whether composers will run out of new combinations of musical notes to create original melodies - 19 Jan
  • HowStuffWorks: Benedikt Peschl, Doctoral student in Indo-Iranian languages and Zoroastrianism, comments on Zoroastrianism and the figure of Zarathushtra - 23 Jan
  • Elite Traveler: Andrew Wong, Chef and Research Associate at the Centre of Food Studies, is set to launch a new menu at his A.Wong restaurant with input from food anthropologist and SOAS colleague Dr Mukta Das - 21 Jan
  • Abundant Art: Lian Lakhope, MA Global Media and Communications student, reviews the film, The Lost Daughter - 19 Jan
  • The Guardian: Obituary to former SOAS colleague and student Louise Rands Silva - 23 Jan
  •, SINA, 163: Review of the new Brunei Gallery exhibition Lu Xun’s Legacy: Printmaking in Modern China - 24 Jan
  • Royal Veterinary College: London-Liverpool research alliance of which SOAS is a member of announces new grants to further the fight against infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance - 24 Jan