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SoA Audiovisual Awards 2022 - Call for Submissions

11 April 2022
SoA Audiovisual Awards 2022

The School of Arts is delighted to announce the 2022 dates for our annual Audiovisual Awards Competition and Ceremony. This is designed to encourage creativity, community building, and critical thinking among SOAS students, as well as engagement with extra-curricular artistic activities.

Who is eligible to submit? All current SOAS students.

When is the deadline? The deadline for submissions is on Monday 16 May 2022.

How to submit? There is an online submission system. Please complete the following Google Form and submit your work to this folder.

How many categories are there? There are four individual and group categories: Photography (where you will be submitting a curated series of up to ten photographs, with an adequate caption), Podcast (up to 30 minutes), Film (up to 15 minutes) and Video Essays (up to 20 minutes). There will be separate categories for individual and group submissions.

How many prizes are there? There are eight First Prizes, one for each category: Best Individual Photography Project, Best Individual Podcast, Best Individual Film, Best Individual Video Essay, Best Group Photography Project, Best Group Podcast, Best Group Film, and Best Group Video Essay. These are worth £100 each. There will also be eight runner-up or Second Prizes. These are worth £50 each.

When and how will the winners be announced? During our special School of Arts AV Awards Ceremony at SOAS, on Wednesday 15 June. More details of this Ceremony will be circulated closer to the date.

Can the same student submit for both individual and group categories? Yes, they can, as long as they have been involved in the two different projects.

Can students enter work submitted to a SOAS module for assessment? Yes, they can. These awards should be another platform to give broader visibility to that work.

Who is part of the judging panel? The judging panel is composed of Prof Lindiwe Dovey and Dr Estrella Sendra, as well as a number of student reps.

Any other questions? Please get in touch with Dr Estrella Sendra ( and Prof Lindiwe Dovey (, co-organisers of this event.