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SOAS in the Media: 16-22 August

23 August 2022

Items related to Africa

  • The Conversation, The Star (Kenya), Daily Nation (Kenya), AllAfrica: Dr Awino Okech, Associate Professor in Political Sociology, writes about why Kenyan women's rights might not be safe under new President William Ruto - 18 Aug
  • Al Jazeera: Stephen Chan, Professor of Politics and International Relations, comments on visits by Western and Russian leaders and diplomats to African countries at a time of growing global tension and a potential “new Cold War” - 17 Aug
  • South China Morning Post: Stephen Chan, Professor of Politics and International Relations, comments on Chinese role in Africa's Freedom Railway from Zambia to Tanzania - 22 Aug

Items related to Asia

  • The Guardian: Navtej Purewal, Professor in Political Sociology and Development Studies, comments on how the partition of British India is commemorated - 19 Aug
  • The BL: Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute, comments on the emigration of China's rich as a result of the zero-covid policy and crackdown on private enterprise - 18 Aug
  • India Today:  Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute, comments on Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and China's reaction - 16 Aug
  • BBC Leicester: Gurharpal Singh, Emeritus Professor of Sikh and Punjab studies, discusses how the parition of British India should be marked with its own day and the need to reflect on why it happened and its consequences - 18 Aug
  • The Wire - India: Rachel Dwyer Professor Emerita of Indian culture and cinema, writes about the film, Garm Hava, and how it shows the dilemmas and choices of Muslims during partition in 1947 and how it is still relevant today - 17 Aug
  • The Wire - India: Ayesha Siddiqa, Research Associate at the South Asia Institute, comments on corruption in Pakistan's army - 17 Aug
  • The Daily Telegraph: Hazel Smith, Professorial Research Associate at the Centre of Korean studies, comments on food insecurity in North Korea - 22 Aug
  • Taipei Times: Ian Inkster, Professorial Research Associate at the Centre of Taiwan studies, writes about China's white paper and what it means for Taiwan - 17 Aug
  • Nikkei Asia: Duncan Bartlett, Research Associate at the China Institute, comments on the UK’s strategy on the Indo-Pacific - 22 Aug
  • Times Radio, BBC Radio Wales: Duncan Bartlett explains why the government of Japan has launched a campaign to encourage young people to promote the consumption of domestically produced alcoholic drinks, like sake - 17 Aug
  • Japan Forward: Duncan Bartlett analyses South Korea’s offer to supply food and hospitals to North Korea in return for denuclearisation - 17 Aug
  • ThePrint: Aadil Brar, MSc student in international politics with a focus on China, writes about youth unemployment in China and the latest stories from China over the past week - 22 Aug

Items related to the Middle East

  • Nikkei Asia: Salman Rafi Sheikh, PhD student in Politics and International relations, writes about the risk of civil war in Afghanistan as Taliban claims of peace are wearing thin - 22 Aug

Items related to other regions/SOAS General

  • ZingNews: Dr Mukta Das comments on the stigma of eating alone and how it is changing - 17 Aug
  • Red Pepper: David Renton, Professor of Practice at the School of Law, reviews Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow: The Labour Party After Jeremy Corbyn - 16 Aug
  • London-TV: Coverage of the Brunei Gallery's new exhibition, ‘Empty Cradles: Israel’s Disappeared Children’ which will be on display from 23 September - 22 Aug