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SOAS Academics Examine 'the Future of Corporate Capitalism'

4 October 2010

Four SOAS academics worked on the latest edition of the Cambridge Journal of Economics, which is devoted to a special report entitled Corporate Accountability and Legal Liability: On the Future of Corporate Capitalism. 

Dr Stephanie Blankenburg and Dr Dan Plesch of SOAS' Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy were among the editors, and Professor of International Commercial Law Peter Muchlinski and Dr Jan Toporowski of our Department of Economics were contributors.

In the words of the journal's editors:

"Corporate Limited Liability is restored to its rightful place as one of the most controversial parts of the global political economy in this unique analysis from economic, legal and historical perspectives.... This Special Issue returns to this core aspect of the political economy of corporate capitalism, highlighting its importance for understanding the evolution of transnational corporations and their current role in shaping 21st century globalisation.

"Bringing to bear legal as well as economic expertise on the transformation of the capitalist corporation from a powerhouse of national mass industrialisation in core economies to that of complex lead organisations of contemporary globalisation, the contributors to this Special Issue offer ideas for the constructive reform of corporate power along with a penetrating analysis of the historical roots and economic impact of corporate limited liability." 

The report in full: