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SOAS Celebrates Meiji Shrine Anniversary and Future Collaborations in Tokyo

1 November 2010

SOAS Director Paul Webley represented the School at a series of events commemorating the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine) in Tokyo on Monday, 1 November.  

For the last three years, Meiji Shrine has supported a number of initiatives at SOAS, including postgraduate studentships, staff research and an annual lecture at the Japan Research Centre (JRC).  Professor Webley signed a new agreement with Meiji Jingu while in Tokyo, ensuring that these initiatives will continue for the next three years.

Following a ritual at the main shrine buildings, the anniversary celebration included a SOAS 'corner', with a presentation on the School and greetings by Professor Webley and Dr Emma Cook, a past recipient of a Meiji Jingu studentship at SOAS.  

The afternoon was devoted to a symposium exploring the way in which Japan during the Meiji period (1868-1912) was viewed both at home and abroad. Activities included lectures and a panel discussion, including contributions from Dr John Breen, of the Department of the Languages and Cultures of Japan and Korea, and Princess Akiko of Mikasa, a Research Associate of the JRC.  The symposium was chaired by Dr Angus Lockyer, Chair of the JRC.