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New Recycling Provision at SOAS

4 February 2011

As part of the ongoing commitment to increasing the provision of recycling at SOAS, the Estates and Facilities Directorate are pleased to announce that we have a new Waste and Recycling Services provider. Grundon Waste Management Limited has been appointed following a recent Bloomsbury Colleges procurement exercise and now provides the waste and recycling service to the SOAS estate. One of the main benefits is that through the use of new technologies this has resulted in SOAS becoming a “Zero to Landfill” Institution, thus reducing its Carbon Footprint.

How Changes Will Affect You

The main changes you may have noticed is that SOAS now operates a Two Waste Stream System (1 & 2 below). Stream one is for recyclables that will no longer have to be segregated and may include glass items (Blue recycling stickers, green or yellow lids and green internal bags). The other (stream two) is for non-recyclable items such as soiled food packaging and utensils and tissues etc (Black stickers, black or grey lids and black internal bags). We require your help in ensuring their correct use. Food waste from catering is disposed of separately (see 3 below).

1. Recyclable Waste (Blue Stickers)


Recyclable Waste now goes to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), where the material recovered (up to 95% for reprocessing) includes paper, card, glass, metals and plastics. Non-recyclable residue will go back into Energy from Waste. An advanced MRF facility will come on stream later this year which will significantly increase the amount of items it is possible for us to recycle.

2. Energy from Waste (Black Stickers)
General Waste
General Waste


Non-Recyclable (General) Waste will go to an Energy from Waste (EFW) facility which recovers energy from residual waste instead of sending it to landfill sites. A small amount is used to power the plant itself while the vast majority is exported to the National Grid. Residue from this process will go to make aggregate for road building.

3. Food Waste (From Catering)

Food Waste from SOAS catering is now segregated from all packaging and utensils at source and sent to be processed by Vertal using an Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) system which requires no artificial heat input, producing high grade nutrient rich fertiliser as an alternative to fossil fuel based ones. Click on the link to see UK's Food Waste Crisis - Vertal's sustainable recycling solution.

Promoting Recycling at SOAS

Estates and Facilities would like you to help increase recycling at SOAS.  We need you to show others how easy it can be, by helping to recycle more and waste less and ensure that all waste is disposed of correctly.

Please contact Robert Courtney (Communications & Coordination) in Estates & Facilities / 020 7898 4804 for further information.