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Plesch launches book in New York

16 May 2011
America, Hitler and the UN

Dan Plesch, Director of the SOAS Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy led a panel discussion on 22 March at the International Peace Institute (IPI) in New York, New York, on his book America, Hitler and the UN.

He was joined on the panel by Ambassador Alexander A. Pankin, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, and Sir Brian Urquhart, former UN Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs. Sir Brian, who was a British soldier at the time of the Declaration of the United Nations, has helped to shape the history of the world body since its earliest days.

In his book, Dr. Plesch maintains that the Declaration of the United Nations on January 1, 1942, played a key role in building public and political support for the anti-Axis war effort, as well as providing principles for post-war order that were critical in shaping the UN Charter.

The book drew fresh praise from Ambassador Pankin, who remarked, 'I’m really fascinated with your book, and I would definitely recommend it, not only to academicians, but also to all diplomats.'

The transcript of the discussion, moderated by Ed Luck, IPI’s Senior Vice President for Research and Programs and UN special advisor on Responsibility to Protect, is now available on the IPI website.

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