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New book for Professor Shindler ‘Israel and the European Left: Between Solidarity and Delegitimization’

16 February 2012
Colin Shindler book ERD IMG

Professor Colin Shindler from the Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East has released a book entitled ‘Israel and the European Left: Between Solidarity and Delegitimization’.

Published this month, the book attempts to answer the question, why has the European Left become so antagonistic towards Israel? To answer this, Shindler explores the struggle between Marxism-Leninism and Zionism from the October Revolution to today.

In the book, Shindler contends that the new generation of the European Left was more influenced by the decolonization movement than wartime experiences, which led it to favour the Palestinian cause in the post 1967 period. He finds the Israeli drive to settle the West Bank after the Six Day War enhanced an already existing attitude, but did not cause it.

Shindler said that although he wrote the book in just over a year, he’d been thinking about its subject matter for more than 40 years. “The book seems to be attracting a lot of attention because its analysis is novel and unconventional. My hope is that it will help to elucidate this emotional and contentious relationship,” he said.

Colin Shindler is the founding chairman of the European Association of Israel Studies and the UK's first professor of Israel Studies.

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