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Ming-chin Monique Chu receives grant for an international conference ‘Cross-Strait Relations in the Age of Globalization’

13 June 2012

Dr. Ming-chin Monique Chu of SOAS's Centre of Taiwan Studies has won a grant of 18,000 euros from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange to run an international conference, ‘Cross-Strait Relations in the Age of Globalization: Globalization-Security Linkages,’ on 7-8 September 2012 at SOAS.

The proposed conference plans to investigate four major areas:

  • theoretical approaches to the study of cross-Strait relations;
  • globalization forces underpinning bilateral ties;
  • security issues facing Taipei and Beijing;
  • the impact of globalization on security in the dyadic context.

Twelve papers will be presented at the conference. Motifs for discussion will include: rationalist models of conflict and the relationship across the Strait; cross-border mergers and acquisitions between China and Taiwan; cyberwarfare across the Strait and its implications for the United States; transnational crimes in the cross-Strait context; and the impact of production globalization on defense and technological security across the Strait, with special reference to the strategically important semiconductor industry.

Paper presenters include Prof. Yu-shan Wu (Academia Sinica), Dr. Andrew Scobell (RAND), Prof. Scott Kastner (University of Maryland), Dr. Arthur Ding (National Chengchi University), Prof. Paul J. Bolt (U.S. Air Force Academy), Dr. Justin Hastings (University of Sidney), Dr. Ming-chin Monique Chu (SOAS), among others.

For the announcement by the foundation, see: Details of the conference program will be announced later in the summer.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Ming-chin Monique Chu (