SOAS University of London

Forthcoming conference

12 October 2012

World Literature Conference

World Literature 4

University of California, Santa Barbara 

New York University, Abu Dhabi


Approaches to World Literature 2

SOAS,University of London

SOAS, University of London on December 13,14 and 15, 2012

How would it be possible to situate world literature in a cultural field of overlapping networks of circulation in such a way as to transcend boundaries delineated by the binary of the ‘national’ and ‘international’ pervasive in theories of world literature and world republic of letters? In what ways may the modes of circulation be complicated so as to accommodate multiple modes of circulation not defined by the one-way traffic from the national to the West, or the proliferation of the novel, or the hegemony of the modern? What if we were to bring together a variety of ‘modes of circulation’ together, as well as the systems that support them, and think of how locating ‘world literature’ within these overlapping networks—including across literary genres and artistic media—may refine modes of reading?

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