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SOAS professor publishes analysis of Arab uprising in latest book

18 June 2013
Gilbert Achcar new book pic

Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at SOAS, University of London undertakes "a radical exploration of the Arab uprising" in his latest book.

The People Want analyses the specific socio-economic features that hindered the region’s development leading to its political explosion and draws up a balance sheet of the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria.

Published by Saqi Books in the UK and by University of California Press in the US, Professor Achcar's book sheds light on the various actors of the uprising with special attention to the role of the movements that use Islam as a political banner and the oil monarchies that sponsor them.

The SOAS scholar argues that what we have witnessed to date is only the beginning of a revolutionary process that is likely to extend for many more years to come.

Le Monde diplomatique
English edition published in its latest edition this month an excerpt from the book. Under the title ‘Extreme capitalism of the Muslim Brothers’ it looks at the neoliberal policy of Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi.

In a recent interview with Professor Achcar about his new book, the French daily Le Monde described him as 'One of the best analysts of the contemporary Arab world'.

Professor Achcar’s previous book, The Arabs and the Holocaust was published to critical acclaim in 2010. At SOAS, Professor Achcar teaches ‘Globalisation and Development’ and ‘Problems of Development in the Middle East and North Africa’.

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Read an excerpt in Le Monde diplomatique

The People Want is now in bookshops and can also be ordered online. Also available in French and Arabic.