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12 August 2013
Juhi Verma pic

Juhi Verma, currently waiting for her A-Level results, has applied to study for a BA in History at SOAS, University of London. British born and with Indian parents, Verma is making it personal as she hopes to explore the partition of India and struggle for independence at SOAS – the only university specialising in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

“History has fascinated me since I was a child, and I developed this interest through researching the history of my own country India. The partition of India and the struggle for independence was what increased my passion for this subject and made me want to study it further in higher education.

“I have chosen SOAS as my first choice for university because of its diverse educational opportunities and global perspective of this subject. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the SOAS summer school in which I was able to experience lectures on studying history through photographs, maps and music. This is probably one of the main reasons I have chosen to apply to this university, as I found it a unique experience compared to other universities and the environment of the campus was very welcoming. I particularly loved the Junior Common Room, which was full of artistic paintings and different stories.

“This current ‘in between’ period where I’m waiting for my results and wondering whether I would get into university is very nerve-wracking especially being the first in my family to go to university. There’s a lot of pressure and high expectations, so I can only hope I live up to them.”

Reassurance comes from Paul Sharp, who manages undergraduate admissions to SOAS: “We know that the week before A level results is an anxious time, but on Results Day we will have a large team of staff answering telephones and we warmly encourage offer-holders to call us if they have any worries or questions about their results."

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For general queries on results day call 020 7898 4567.