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Teenagers get a taste of SOAS for Make Your Future Happen week

15 October 2013

SOAS, University of London supports Make Your Future Happen: Discover Higher Education 12-18 October 2013 which encourages teenagers to experience and get inspired by university life.

The campaign is centrally co-ordinated by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) working closely with universities, colleges and higher education organisations including Universities UK, Student Finance England and the National Careers Service.

During this week, SOAS will be working with invited partners to attend a range of engaging activities aimed at raising aspirations, increasing attainment and encouraging progression to higher education. All of the activities are designed to enhance subject knowledge, help students explore the breadth of opportunities available and, ultimately, to realise their potential.

Activities include study skills sessions offering guidance on independent research, reading for study and essay writing; a history masterclass, which will be attended by a group of Year 13 students from an East London School. The pupils will experience a subject-based lecture and interactive activity delivered by an academic on 'Japan in the world, before and after the First World War'; Q&A sessions where student ambassadors will answer questions on student life, student finance, progression to university and, finally, campus tours.

Students making their futures happen...

Juhi Verma discovered what SOAS could offer after experiencing the History Summer School – for Juhi, the chance to study history outside of Europe or America was hugely appealing. She is now studying for a BA in History at SOAS and is also the first in her family to attend university.

Where did you study before?
I completed my A-Levels in Paddington Academy, and studied Economics, English Literature and History.

What did you think of the summer school?
I heard about the summer school at SOAS through my history teacher who recommended that I should go. I really enjoyed the summer school, and found out that my options in studying history weren't limited to European or American history which was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to come to SOAS. It was a really enjoyable time and I met a lot of new people.

Did the summer school help you feel confident about choosing SOAS?
The summer school was a great insight into studying at SOAS, I got to see how lectures where structured and definitely preferred it in comparison to other universities I went to see. It felt like moving from one school to another and was not as daunting as I imagined it would be. I felt fully confident in putting SOAS as my first choice after the summer school and really liked the multicultural atmosphere.

How are you finding the start of university life so far?
I am absolutely loving the start of uni life! I joined several societies during freshers week and now am ready to start my degree. I made lots of friends during freshers and feel that SOAS is very welcoming to everyone. Now the journey begins...