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SOAS scholar shares a £1 million AHRC grant

30 October 2013

A major AHRC grant worth £996,385 to conduct research in west Namibia has been awarded to a multi-institutional team of scholars, of which SOAS ethnomusicologist, Dr Angela Impey, is a key member.

The project, entitled 'Future Pasts in an Apocalyptic Moment: A Hybrid Analysis of 'Green' Performativities and Ecocultural Ethics in a Globalised African Landscape' will explore tensions between local and indigenous conceptions of human/nature relationships and crisis-driven understandings of environmental change, used to justify new market-based methods for creating 'green' futures.

Led by anthropologist Dr Sian Sullivan at Birkbeck, the team also includes environmental historian Dr Rick Rohde, University of Edinburgh, anthropologist Dr Chris Low, Birkbeck, and environmental philosopher, Dr Mike Hannis, Keele University.

The research is a response to the AHRC's 2012 highlight notice on 'Environmental Change and Sustainability' under the Council's ‘Care for the Future’ theme. This theme looked for researchers in the arts and humanities to generate novel understandings of sustainability through understanding how different perceptions of relationships between people and ‘nature’ structure socio-ecological proposals for the future.

The project is affiliated with the National Museum of Namibia and the Namibian film company, Mamokobo Productions.