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The changing political economy of the region is essential to understanding the Arab uprisings, says SOAS scholar in latest book

28 November 2013
Adam Hanieh book pic

Dr Adam Hanieh, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at SOAS, University of London examines major shifts in the Middle Eastern political economy to achieve a fuller understanding of the Arab uprisings.

In Lineages of Revolt: Issues of Contemporary Capitalism in the Middle East, published by Haymarket Books, 2013, the scholar maps the complex and contested nature of capitalism and argues that one must go beyond ‘dictators and democracy’ to unravel the causes of the uprisings.

Dr Hanieh draws upon extensive empirical research and tracks the major shifts in the region's political economy over recent decades. He explores the contours of neoliberal policies, dynamics of class and state formation, imperialism and the nature of regional accumulation, the significance of Palestine and the Gulf Arab States, and the ramifications of the global economic crisis.

Dr Hanieh said: “While the outcomes of the uprisings that continue to transfix the Arab world remain uncertain, the underlying reasons for rebellion persist….. we need to go beyond superficial accounts of 'dictators and democracy' to fully understand both the causes and future trajectories of these historic events…”

The book will be launched at a panel discussion with Professor Gilbert Achcar, Dr Brenna Bhandar and Dr Jamie Allinson (University of Westminster), Wednesday 11 December, SOAS, 6-8pm in DLT (G2).

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