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SOAS in the media 10 January

10 January 2014

Dr Enze Han was interviewed by ITN news on Japan-China relations, Professor Keith Howard was a guest on BBC World News commenting on Kim Jung-un's birthday celebrations, Professor Mushtaq Khan commented on the elections in Bangladesh on BBC World Service and Professor Gurharpal Singh on the elections in India, Professor Stephen Chan was interviewed about Mao Zedong's legacy in Africa on BBC China, Dr Leslie Vinjamuri published an article in International New York Times on confronting the past, lessons from Africa, Dr Alessandra Mezzadri wrote a piece for The Conversation UK on the Cambodian sweatshop protests, Dr Stephen Hopgood published a piece in The Washington Post on human rights, Dr Arshin Adib-Moghaddam was feature in the lead article in Tehran Times on Iran's geopolitical situation, Professor Costas Lapavitsas published a piece on capitalism and everyday lives in The Guardian and PhD scholar Robtel Neajai Pailey wrote a review of Long Walk to Freedom for The Conversation UK. Finally, SOAS Chinese language students were featured in a report about the work 'Tuhao' in CCTV.

Professor Mushtaq Khan provides comment on the elections in Bangladesh
BBC World Service Business Report - 6/1/14

Professor Gurharpal Singh comments on the elections in India
BBC Three Counties Radio - 5/1/14
Listen now

The end of human rights
Washington Post - 3/1/14
Article written by Dr Stephen Hopgood

Lebanese (in)dependence: Locked agendas and broken morals
World Bulletin - 12/12/13
Article written by PhD student Omar Salha

A movement in motion
The Economist - 3/1/14
"As Jan-Peter Hartung recalls in "A System of Life", it was Maudoodi who popularised the use of certain key words which assertive Muslims still like to use: words like jahiliyyah—ignorance—which can mean either the benighted state of the world before Islam, or (on Islamist lips) the state of affairs when the rulers of Muslim societies govern in a secular way instead of following Islam."

Lessons From Africa’s Efforts
International New York Times - 6/1/14
Article by Dr Leslie Vinjamuri 

Geopolitical situation allows Iran to establish cordial ties with all powers: academic
Tehran Times - 29/12/13
Lead Interview with Dr Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

Iran in World Politics: A Conversation with Arshin Adib-Moghaddam
Fair Observer - 25/12/13
Interview with Dr Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

SOAS Chinese language students discuss the significance of the work 'Tuhao'
CCTV - 10/12/13
SOAS students on the word "tuhao" meaning "bling"

Long Walk humanises Mandela, but do we lose sight of the man who was Madiba?
The Conversation UK - 6/1/14
Article written by PhD student Robtel Neajai Pailey

The politics of bread

Red Pepper - 1/1/14
"Food riots spread across the globe in 2007–2010 and were one of the major drivers behind the Arab Spring. According to Jane Harrigan of SOAS"

Mao Zedong to Africa what is left?
BBC China - 1/1/14
Professor Stephen Chan comments on Mao Zedong’s legacy in Africa

Finance's hold on our everyday life must be broken
The Guardian - 1/1/14
Article by Professor Costas Lapavitsas

I am serious about buying the New York Times, says Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao
The Independent - 7/1/14
"His new plans have equally been derided as another attention-seeking ploy. Dr Kevin Latham, a senior lecturer at the School of Oriental and African Studies, said that although the article’s prominence in the Global Times suggests that Mr Chen has a certain degree of popular and financial support, it has “a ring of publicity about it.”

Campus in Focus
Times Higher Education - 9/1/14
SOAS featured in campus news "A London university recently awarded £20 million from a private US foundation to advance the study of Buddhist and Hindu art is setting up scholarship programmes with the money.

Hackney campaigner takes on banks as he aims to tackle widening gap between rich and poor and escalating house prices
London 24 - 27/12/13
"He first came across the issue while studying economics and development at the School of Oriental and African Studies in Bloomsbury."