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SOAs in the media 7 February

7 February 2014

Professor Gurharpal Singh has been featured extensively on the UK Government facing a backlash from Sikh voters in relation to the Golden Temple raid, including on BBC Radio 5 Live and also in The Independent, Professor Michel Hockx was interviewed about Chinese New Year on The World Tonight and also contributed to a piece on US reporters being blocked from China, Dr Phil Clark was a guest on Press TV discussing whether Rwanda is a beacon of hope or dictatorship, Ernest Caldwell commented on the imprisonment of legal scholar Xu Zhiyong in China, Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams was featured in The Sunday Telegraph as part of an "elite group of academics" translating long-lost languages and Recalling the Future exhibition was featured in Asian Art Newspaper.

Professor Gurharpal Singh on the Golden Temple raid and the British Sikh community's reaction
BBC Radio 5 Live - 04/02/14
Listen now (00:40:00)

Amritsar massacre: Government faces backlash by Britain’s 430,000 Sikh voters over armed forces' advice to India before assault
The Independent - 4/2/14
“The community has a significant pull in a number of key marginal constituencies,” said Prof Gurhapal Singh of the School of Oriental and African Studies. “The historic importance of this event was lost on the government of the time. “Labour is likely to drive the Tories into the ground about this.”

Op Bluestar: Sikhs outraged over UK Govt’s disclosure
The Tribune - 6/2/14
“What this event illustrates is the deep engagement of the British state - not the establishment - in the events which unfolded in June 1984 and afterwards,” says Prof Gurharpal Singh of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at London University." 

Cameron: U.K. Role Limited in 1984 Sikh Raid
Wall Street Journal India - 05/02/14
"Gurharpal Singh, the dean of arts and humanities at the School of Oriental and African Studies in the U.K., agreed. The Sikh community here “has reacted to the report with anger, confusion and bewilderment,” he said. The report, in his view, raised more questions than answers."

What Should the U.S. Do about China’s Barring Foreign Reporters?
China File - 5/2/14
Professor Michel Hockx contributes to article.

Professor Michel Hockx on Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse
BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight - 31/1/14
Listen now - (00:22:00)

Rwanda: Beacon of hope or dictatorship?
Press TV - 5/2/14
Watch now

CAR and S. Sudan wars bog African summit
Yahoo! UK and Ireland (Web) - 31/01/14
ACQ Magazine (Web) - 31/01/14
Phil Clark, politics lecturer at London's SOAS University, said the AU faces criticism in its response to crises, especially in South Sudan and CAR. "There's a lot of concern at the moment that the AU isn't showing sufficient leadership in resolving these types of conflicts," he said.

China's rule of law called into question
Law Society Gazette (Web) - 3/2/14
Ernest Caldwell, lecturer in Chinese Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, said that the rule of law in China ‘is in a precarious situation right now’ despite the new leadership’s promises.

Gilbert Achcar, professeur, School of Oriental and African studies
France 24 - 30/1/14
Interview in Arabic.

African Union falls behind the times as regional conflicts rage
The Conversation UK - 5/2/14
Article by Professor Stephen Chan.

Why dedicate your life to deciphering 4,000 year old tax returns
The Sunday Telegraph - 2/2/14
Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams
Pages 7,8 and 9.

Recalling the Future
Asian Art Newspaper - 1/2/14
Page 21
Link not available.

Private pair claim more public cash than LSE
Times Higher Education Supplement - 6/2/14

The FoI burden: there are no easy answers
Times Higher Education Supplement (Web) - 31/1/14
"My job – at Soas, University of London – also included managing compliance with data protection, copyright and records management requirements, as well as handling student complaints and disciplinary proceedings."