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SOAS in the media 14 February 2014

14 February 2014

The SOAS University Challenge team competed against Cambridge this week, Dr Mike Jennings published an article in The Conversation UK following Bill Gates' claim that poverty will be abolished by 2035, Dr Dina Matar was interviewed about the media climate in Egypt by Al Jazeera Listening Post, Professor Gilbert Achcar was interviewed by Palestine Today TV about his latest book and commented on Sisi's potential bid for Presidency in Egypt, Dr Adam Hanieh's book launch in Jerusalem was reported in Al Quds, Professor Gurharpal Singh published an article in The Tribune on the impact of Thatcher's involvement in Operation Bluestar among the British Sikh community, Professor Colin Shindler reviewed Simon Schama's latest book The Story of the Jews in BBC History Magazine,  Professor Timon Screech was interviewed by BBC News on the SOAS roof garden about Japanese history, Dr Phil Clark commented on ICC's collapsing case against Kenyatta and Recalling the Future was reviewed in Art Radar Asia.

Gates goal a start, but poverty is relative and won’t just disappear
The Conversation UK - 11/2/14
Article by Dr Mike Jennings.

Interview with Professor Gilbert Achcar on his latest book 'The People Want'
Palestine Today TV - 12/2/14
Watch now

Drei Jahre nach Mubarak steht Sisi vor der Tür - 11/2/14
"Gilbert Achcar, Professor an der School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) der Universität London (bei einer Konferenz des Kreisky-Forums in Wien zu Gast), ist davon überzeugt, dass Sisi sich erst allmählich mit dem Gedanken anfreundete, Präsident zu werden: "Sisi ist ein Mann aus dem Militärgeheimdienst; er ist nicht dumm und weiß, dass die Macht beim Armeechef liegt, dem Posten, den er jetzt abgibt."  Als Präsident hingegen wird er Kritik ausgesetzt sein – vor allem, wenn er soziale und wirtschaftliche Leistungen schuldig bleib"

Egypt's media war
Al Jazeera Listening Post - 12/2/14
"Discussing the media climate in Egypt, we speak to journalist, Marwa Mazaid; Dina Matar from the School of Oriental and African Studies; and Sherif Mansour from the Committee to Protect Journalists". 

What does it mean to be Iranian? Artists pose the question – in pictures
Art Radar Asia - 21/1/14
Review of the exhibition

Nepal: Changing Fortunes?
Fair Observer - 7/2/14
Article by Professor Michael Hutt

Ocampo remarks spark fury over ‘politics’ around Kenyan ICC cases
Standard Digital - 13/2/14
“It no longer seems the Prosecution can sustain a serious case against Kenyatta,” Phil Clark, an expert in international justice at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies told The Standard On Sunday."

Dr Adam Hanieh's book launch in Jerusalem
Al Quds
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An exercise in blame displacement
The Tribune (Chandigarh) - 12/2/14
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Defeat for University Challenge's Maeve
Welwyn Times - 13/2/14
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Book review - The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000 BCE - 1492 CE
BBC History Magazine - 12/2/14
"Colin Shindler commends the first volume of a witty and wide-reaching history of the Jewish people across centuries"

Company Spotlight: Wanderlust Gourmet Nut Butters
Trend Monitor - 7/2/14
Student enterprise featured.