SOAS University of London

Stewardship of water resources and the challenges involved, lecture at SOAS

27 February 2014

How can we make best use of the water at our disposal, so as to ensure that society has what it needs?

Focusing on the protection of water at source, this timely lecture by Laurence Smith, Professor of Environmental Policy and Development at SOAS, University of London, explores the challenges involved in the stewardship of water resources.

Professor Smith’s inaugural lecture ‘Taking Care of our Waters: People, Policy and Practice’ on 5 March, 6.30pm in the Brunei Building, draws on his extensive research and consultancy assignments in the UK and in over twenty other countries. He examines a variety of international methods and approaches in water conservation. His research spans politics, policy, as well as scientific and professional practice.

Stewardship of water resources and the challenges involved, lecture at SOAS

The scholar researches contemporary challenges in the fields of natural resource economics, rural development and water resources management.  He has worked with leading national and international agencies including Defra, DFID, World Bank, FAO, OECD and CGIAR research institutes, including the International Water Management Institute and WorldFish.

Professor Smith said: “As has been all too evident in the UK recently, our health, wellbeing, economy and environment are dependent on the careful control of water. Every region of the world faces different and difficult choices when it comes to conserving water – and every region has its own approaches and methods for protecting the resources at their disposal.”

Professor Smith has recently been Principal Investigator for research projects on catchment management for the protection of water resources funded by the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme of the UK Research Councils. This research investigated how to control diffuse rural pollution and the integration of science and governance necessary to achieve this. He is currently leading a new project investigating sustainable nutrient management and water resources protection in key agro-ecosystems in China.