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SOAS Director praises students for creating valuable language resource

10 April 2014

Professor Paul Webley, Director of SOAS, University of London praised SOAS postgraduate students for their interactive website Language Landscape documenting and celebrating language diversity.


Languages Landscapes
Professor Paul Webley said the project typifies the energy and desire of SOAS students to make an impact

The website, Language Landscape, which launched at the Brunei Gallery last month, allows registered users to upload audio and video recordings of languages and tag them on the map at the place where the recording was made. This idea is to promote multilingualism and lesser spoken languages by interactively representing where languages are spoken.

Professor Webley, who attended the launch event, said: “For me, this project typifies the energy and desire to make an impact and, indeed, the commitment of SOAS students; the average PhD student finds carrying out research more than a full-time job, but the students behind Landscape Language have used their non-existent ‘spare time' to produce a valuable resource.

“The launch of the Landscape Language website was wonderful, as is the website itself. I particularly like the Flemish example - not least because whilst my Dutch is rudimentary I can understand it all!

Language Landscape Co-director Sandy Ritchie thanked Professor Webley for his support and added: “We really value the way SOAS has nurtured our project and we would like to continue to represent the university in the future.”

Language Landscape is currently running outreach projects with schools to raise the profile of languages. These projects were created with the help of the SOAS Alumni Fund, and the UnLtd and HEFCE HEI Initiative/SOAS Student Enterprise Fund. See video for more information about our Outreach projects.

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Language Landscape: Outreach Projects

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