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SOAS in the media 10 April 2014

10 April 2014

Dr Subir Sinha has commented extensively on the elections in India, covering NBC News, Reuters and Wall Street Journal Asia, Professor Gurharpal Singh was also interviewed by NBC News about the elections in India and published a piece in Eastern Eye on 'All change as the Indian elections begin', Dr Phil Clark was interviewed extensively on the 20 year anniversary since genocide in Rwanda, including directing a SAFM radio programme on forgiveness and reconciliation in post-conflict Rwanda, Dr Jaeho Kang was featured in a programme by Al Jazeera on '24-hours news: an endangered species', Dr Harald Heubaum was quoted in Japanese broadsheet Mainichi Shimbun and Ukrainian news magazine Korrespondent on the energy implications of the crisis in Ukraine and Professor Guy Standing's work was cited in an article in the Guardian on 'citizen's income'.

814M Vote, 543 Win: The Numbers behind India's Epic Election
NBC News - 07/04/2014
“The logistics of running such an election are enormous,” said Dr. Subir Sinha of SOAS, University of London. Moving electronic voting machines across almost 1.3 million square miles of territory is no easy task. "You will see pictures of them being moved on elephants' backs," he added.

Nationalist Banned by US Likely to Lead Largest Democracy India
NBC News - 07/04/2014
"Leading his party into the 2014 election, Modi has said that he will achieve with India what he has at the state level, said Dr. Subir Sinha, a senior lecturer in Institutions and Development atSOAS, University of London."

An African Miracle?
Al Jazeera Magazine
"Rwanda has laid important foundations since genocide," says Phil Clark"

Le Rwanda a fait le choix inédit d’une « justice communautaire »
Le Monde - 07/04/2014
Interview with Dr Phil Clark

In photos: The prison of the Rwandan Génocidaires
Daily Maverick - 10/04/2014
The Gacaca Courts, Post-Genocide Justice and Reconciliation in Rwanda, by Phil Clark, referenced

After Genocide: Democracy in Rwanda, 20 Years On
Epoch Times - 03/04/2014
Article written by Dr Phil Clark.

Reconciliation elusive in Rwanda, 20 years on from genocide
"It has had this silencing effect," said Phil Clark, an expert on transitional justice at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. "A lot of people say when it comes to talking about ethnic divisions and talking about the past, we are not actually sure what we are permitted to talk about any longer."

24-hour TV news: an endangered species?
Al Jazeera Listening Post - 05/04/2014
Dr Jaeho Kang featured in programme exploring the impact social media and other tools of the digital age have on rolling television news channels.

Will fracking make Europe less dependent on Russian gas?
Guardian - 26/03/2014
"Harald Heubaum from the University of London said the idea that shale gas prices could be as low as the US was "fanciful thinking" and that Cameron's suggestion fracking could play a role in the current stand-off with Russia was "hogwash"."

Record number register to vote in South Africa
Press TV - Africa Today
Professor Stephen Chan is a guest on the programme

A Precariat Charter: From Denizens to Citizens - 09/04/2014
"Too many jobs are now temporary and insecure: a new class, the 'precariat' is growing. Guy Standing has responded with an inspiring vision of a Good Society."

How about a 'citizen's income' instead of benefits? - 08/04/2014
"Guy Standing, professor of development studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies ,who studied the scheme, wrote: "Unlike food subsidy schemes that lock economic and power structures in place … basic income grants gave villagers more control of their lives, and had beneficial equity and growth effects."

The new Arabists: After the Arab Spring life is very different for UK students in the Middle East
The Independent - 03/04/2014
"For the students of SOAS, ever stereotyped as self-righteous freedom fighters for the Palestinian cause, the university’s continuing student delegates to Nablus in the West Bank will continue..."