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Three SOAS students will go to China for the Chinese Bridge Competition

2 May 2014
Chinese Bridge Competion Photo 1

The 13th ‘Chinese Bridge’ Chinese Proficiency competition for Foreign College Students 2014 UK closed its curtain on 22nd March. This competition’s theme was ‘Chinese Dream, 10 year feeling’. The whole process included three sessions: personal speech, knowledge test and talent performance. The chief judge, Dr YUAN Boping, came from Oxford University. Other judges came from Durham, Oxford and Newcastle Universities.

After fierce competition, Guang Zhiyi, from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, humorously describing his unique experience of attending a wedding in China. In the talent session he re-edited Mr Laoshe’s Er Ma and imitated the hypocritical YIN priest perfectly in the form of storytelling. Eventually he won a second prize.

Chinese Bridge Competion Photo 2
Chinese Bridge Competion Photo 3

An Na from SOAS told her experience of learning Kungfu at Songshan Temple. The audience and the judges could not help laughing at her He’nan accent, and were charmed by her wonderful Shaolin Kungfu. Another contestant from SOAS ZHU Xiulan told her unforgettable experience of travelling to Emei Mountain and her Chinese song The Moon Represents My Heart impressed the whole audiences. Both An Na and ZHU Xiulan won third prize.

Guan Zhiyi will go to China to represent the UK at the 13th Chinese Bridge Final and An Na and Zhu Xiulan have the opportunity to go to China to observe.