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SOAS in the media 23 May

23 May 2014

Dr Anicée Van Engeland commented on the reaction in Iran to the 'Happy' video on NBC News online. Professor Gilbert Achcar was interviewed by ANB Arab TV discussing Syrian Civil War in the context of the Arab Uprisings as well as providing an interview for a leading Egyptian daily newspaper. Professor Michel Hockx published an article in The Conversation on China embracing open access science whilst research in humanities is left behind. Dr Carlo Bonura was interviewed on Sky, BBC News and The Monocle Daily about the latest unrest in Thailand. As the Indian elections results are announced Dr Simona Vittorini discussed what's next for India on Channel 4 News online. Dr Laura Hammond was interviewed on the evacuation of British tourists from Kenya and the attacks in Nairobi on The World Tonight, Professor Gurharpal Singh spoke about the elections in Talk Radio News Service and he was featured in the BBC Radio 4 programme 'Three pounds in my pocket'. SOAS academics featured in BBC Radio 4's 'Postcards from India' - Dr Rakesh Nautiyal looked at languages spoken in India today and Professor Rachel Dwyer talked about Bollywood film. Rachel was also pictured with Alex von Tunzelmann in Pakistan's Libas magazine (the Pakistani Tatler) at the Lahore Literary Festival. Finally, SOAS research findings on Fairtrade is beginning to gather momentum in the media and an article will run in The Observer this Sunday.

Gilbert Achcar: Syria and the Arab Uprising and Gilbert Achcar "The People Want"
Available through the YouTube channel

'Happy' Video Response Highlights Power Struggles in Iran
NBC News - 22/05/2014
"Anicee Van Engeland, an Iran expert at SOAS University in London, likened the “Happy” arrests to a slap on the wrist: “It is a reminder of who has got the power at the end of the day," Van Engeland said. "It’s a lesson for Rouhani - the traditionalists are saying, ‘look there are limits and you must play within the limits.’"

Narendra Modi: what does his landslide win mean for India?
Channel 4 News online - 17/05/2014
"Dr Simona Vittorini, a senior teaching fellow at the SOAS South Asia Institute, argues that "a vast proportion of India's population is under 26, so the memory of Nehru-Gandhi may not resonate with this demographic".

Humanities left behind as China embraces open access science
The Conversation (online) - 21/05/2014
Article by Professor Michel Hockx

Not so fair trade
The Economist (blogs section) - 19/05/2014
"By comparing living standards in Fairtrade-certified producing areas in Ethiopia and Uganda with similar non-Fairtrade regions, four development economists from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London found that Fair Trade agricultural workers often earned lower incomes."

Three pounds in my pocket
BBC Radio 4
Featuring Professor Gurharpal Singh 

The World in 2:00
Talk Radio News Service (Radio) - 16/05/2014
Professor Gurharpal Singh speaking about the elections in India

Postcards from India
BBC Radio 4
Professor Rachel Dwyer speaking about Bollywood film and Rakesh Nautiyal on languages

The Monocle Daily
Dr Carlo Bonura on the current situation in Thailand

Dr Laura Hammond on the evacuation of British tourists from Kenya and the attacks in Nairobi
BBC The World Tonight - 16/05/14
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