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SOAS in the Media 30 May

30 May 2014

There was an exclusive story in the Observer last Sunday about SOAS academics report on Fairtrade in Ethiopia and Uganda. This generated a lot of additional media coverage, including a Comment article in The Guardian by lead researcher Chris Cramer. The story was covered by other outlets worldwide including: The Economist, The Global and Mail, Forbes, Geeska Afrika, The Huffington Post, CTV News, Deseret News, The Church Times, Spiked, and Vice News. Phil Clark was quoted in a Reuters' story about the ICC's sentencing of Congolese warlord Germain Katanga. Louisa Uchum Egbunike featured in a report about the 3rd Annual Igbo Conference in The Voice newspaper. Anicee Van Engeland was interviewed by BBC News, for an article addressing the issues of flogging in Iran. SOAS gets a mention by Alumni in The Hindu. Language preservation and revitalisation is the topic in the Asian Correspondent. Hispanic Business reports on the Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme, funded by the Alphawood Foundation.

Harsh truths are necessary if Fairtrade is to change the lives of the very poor
The Observer - 24/05/2014
Article by Christopher Cramer

Where are we to turn if we want to be ethical food shoppers these days?
The Observer - 24/05/2014
Comment piece by Felicity Cloake on the effectiveness of Fairtrade

It's all in the genes
The Hindu - 22/05/2014
“I joined the the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with Middle East and Chinese ensembles. I have the unique privilege of introducing and teaching Carnatic music at SOAS to students from all over the world." - Nandini, SOAS alumni 

Nigeria's Igbo culture celebrated in London
The Voice - 17/05/2014
Report on the 3rd Annual Igbo Conference, held at SOAS

Collaboration for language preservation and revitalisation in Asia
Asian Correspondent - 14/05/2014

World leading art historian launches inaugural event of Alphawood Foundation funded Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme at SOAS
Hispanic Business - 27/05/2014
Source: ENP Newswire

Is Fairtrade Failing to Be Fair to Farmers?
Action Institute Power Blog - 27/05/2014
Article by Joe Carter

Fairtrade products fail to help the poor, study finds
CTV News - 27/05/2014
Article by Corinne Ton That

Unpeeling the Impacts of Poverty
The Huffington Post UK - 28/05/2014
Blog written by Harriet Lamb, CEO of Fairtrade International, Bonn, Germany

Congolese warlord jailed for brutal machete attack
Reuteurs - 23/05/2014
"I don't think the court has had a deterrent effect in Congo," said Phil Clark, a specialist in African politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

"If that was the hope of what the court would deliver, I don't think it's happening."

Ethiopia: Fair Trade has failed to make a positive difference
Geeska Afrika - 27/05/2014
An extract taken from The Economist

Surprise! Fairtrade Doesn't Benefit The Poor Peasants
Forbes - 25/05/2014
Article by Time Worstall

Fairtrade coffee fails to help the poor, British report finds
The Globe and Mail - 26/05/2014
Article by Carl Mortished