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SOAS scholar publishes research on low carbon energy options for emerging economies

19 June 2014
Frauke Urban book pic

Dr Frauke Urban, an environmental scientist at SOAS, University of London explores climate change mitigation options for India and China in her latest book.

Low Carbon Transitions for Developing Countries, published by Routledge, assesses the opportunities and barriers for the transition to renewable and low carbon energy. The research evaluates the environmental, technical, socio-economic and policy implications of these low carbon energy transitions, concluding that they are possible in China and India and they can considerably contribute to climate change mitigation.

Dr Urban said: “Global climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our times and in order to tackle this carbon emissions need to be mitigated. China and India have recently become some of the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, measured in absolute terms. Transitions to low carbon energy, for reducing emissions that lead to climate change, are therefore an urgent priority for China and India and at a global level.”