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SOAS scholar addresses EU’s Energy and Climate Change policy at House of Commons

26 June 2014

Dr Harald Heubaum, Lecturer in Global Energy and Climate Policy, spoke to the UK House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group on European Reform on a panel session entitled ‘What role can the EU play in improving European countries' energy security?’

The panel addressed the EU’s Energy and Climate Change policy, whether it is achieving the goals set out for it, how it could be improved and what the focus should be in each of these areas under the new Commission.

The discussion focused on the key challenges facing Europe's energy security today, particularly in light of the crisis in Ukraine and Europe's energy import dependency, whether or not EU policy has helped improve energy security in the UK and other Member States and what more the EU can do, particularly under the 2030 framework.

Dr Heubaum emphasised the EU's role in advancing regionally integrated energy grids and decentralised power systems that encourage multiple different energy technologies. He stressed the energy security benefits of renewable energy investment and energy efficiency measures, arguing that in the long run “renewables are a cost effective way to reduce CO2 emissions while increasing the competitiveness of European economies.”

Dr Heubaum is co-convenor of CISD's MSc Global Energy and Climate Policy.