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SOAS student youngest candidate to win seat in Haringey local elections

3 July 2014
Adam Jogee

Adam Jogee, due to graduate this summer at SOAS, University of London with a BA in History, has won a seat in the local elections in Haringey held on 22 May 2014. The Labour Councillor is also the youngest candidate in the district to stand at this year’s elections.

Adam showed early signs of a career in politics having been a member of the Youth Parliament Member in London for four year and later at SOAS, the President of the student-run Labour Society. “I have always been very political. I like talking to people, answering questions and helping people out. When I was at reception my report would always say Adam is very bright but he should spend more time on his own work than helping others,” he recalls.

Cllr Adam Jogee, as he now is, was captivated by SOAS and its “vibe” after visiting the School to see his brother play in a band. He said: “My Dad is from Zimbabwe so the African part of me really identified with SOAS. I just fell in love with it and completely abolished thinking about going to any other place to study.

“You learn a different ‘side’ at SOAS – and one quickly realises you are not taught this ‘other side’ whilst at school. Although I was aware of this – my parents ensured my siblings and I were as worldly as possible – you get a different view at SOAS. You can see yourself studying at SOAS with tomorrow’s future political leaders – that is the type of person that you get in your class – and that is the unique thing about SOAS.”

When asked how SOAS has helped him in the early stages of his career, Adam recalls visiting the Special Collection and Archives at SOAS to see a map of David Livingstone’s journey in Africa. “The value of the Library resource at SOAS cannot be underestimated – it’s amazing to be able to see something like the map of David Livingstone and learn directly from it. That is something I think about and take forward in my new role on the Council as the Cabinet Adviser for Culture and Libraries.”