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Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East

Arabic Year Abroad ISP 2019-20

Written by SOAS Students During the Year Abroad 2019-20.

Writing a 3500-word essay in Arabic after three years of instruction is a challenging task. It is all the more impressive to see how well many students manage, and how stimulating their choice of topic can be. To illustrate this and to acknowledge the work done by the students, the Near and Middle East Section has decided to publish the best essays of the year on the SOAS website.

The students’ names, their year abroad destinations and their essay titles are listed below. The opinions expressed are those of the students themselves and do not necessarily reflect those of SOAS or the Year Abroad institutions where the essays were written.

Student Year Abroad Destination Essay Title

Andrew Knight (joint first place)

Qasid Institute, Amman

English title: "They Are Innocent: An Analytical Study of Ghassan Kanafani’s Novel “Men in the Sun”."

Noah Yacoubi (joint first place)

Qasid Institute, Amman

English title: "How Has the Divide between Secularism and Islam Hindered the Development of Women’s Rights in Tunisia?"

Maddie Wells

Qasid Institute, Amman

English title: "A Crisis within a Crisis: How Might the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact the Lives of Syrian Refugee Populations? A Comparative Study of Lebanon and Jordan."


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