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Arabic Year Abroad ISP 2017-18

Written by SOAS Students During the Year Abroad 2017-18.

Writing a 3500-word essay in Arabic after three years of instruction is a challenging task. It is all the more impressive to see how well many students manage, and how stimulating their choice of topic can be.  To illustrate this and to acknowledge the work done by the students, the Near and Middle East Section has decided to publish the best essays of any year on the SOAS website.

From the academic year 2017-18, six out of a total of 31 essays were selected. The students’ names, their year abroad destinations and their essay titles are listed below.  The opinions expressed are those of the students themselves and do not necessarily reflect those of SOAS or the Year Abroad institutions where the essays were written.

Student Year Abroad Destination Essay Title

Vilde Norenes Hilleren (joint first prize)


English: "Environmental Racism in the West Bank: The slow violence of industrial settlements."

Arabic: العنصرية البيئية في الضفة الغربية

Yang Tao (joint first prize)


English: "One Thousand and One Nights: Anime films and the encounter with Japan"

Arabic: ألف ليلة وليلة والاستشراق: تصور أفلام الأنيمي والتداخل مع اليابان

Catherine Groves


English: "Satirical Art and the Influence of the Ruler: How do Art and Identity Affect the Politics of the Levant?"

Arabic: فن التنفيس ونفوذ الرئيس: كيف أثر الفن والهوية على سياسة بلاد الشام؟

Vasiliki-Ira Katsi


English: "To What Extent Does Contemporary Egyptian Theatre Reflect Socio-political Issues?"

Arabic: إلى أي مدى عكس المسرح المعاصر المصري القضايا الاجتماعية-السياسية بداخله؟

Agnes Schim van der Loeff


English: "Nature Reserves and National Parks as an Instrument of Israeli Colonialism."

Arabic: المحميات الطبيعية والحدائق الوطنية كوسيلة للاستعمار الإسرائيلي

Nimo Mohamed


English: "The French Campaign and the Importance of the Chronicles of Abdul-Rahman al-Jabarti in Egypt in the Late and the 19th and the Early 20th Centuries."

Arabic: الحملة الفرنسية وأهمية سجلات عبد الرحمن الجبرتي

Past prize-winning Arabic ISPs