SOAS University of London

SOAS into Senate House

Sustainable design

Sustainability is integral to the redevelopment.

The project will use techniques and technologies to minimise the impact on the environment, with the aim of achieving a high rating benchmarked against best practice in sustainable design.

A central feature of the building’s design is the atrium that will become a dynamic student social and learning hub, covered by a free standing glass roof. This will provide natural light and ventilation that will help to keep running costs and energy consumption low. Other design features include a rainwater harvester that collects water from the glass roof and stores it for use in flushing the building’s toilets; a system that has only been retrofitted into a listed building on a handful of occasions.

In addition, the campus will include enhanced cycling provision to cater for cyclists and encourage those that would like to start.

To date, 4000 tonnes of concrete (enough to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools) has been removed and recycled for use on construction and landscaping projects within the London area. At the project’s completion, 6000m² of historic floor finishes would have been removed and re-laid.

Rainwater harvester installation_image 2
Cycling image 1