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Technical Support

Blackboard operates on a separate server from both the SOAS website and the SOAS email system. Server downtime is rare and usually pre-arranged not to coincide with normal working hours.

If however you are unable to connect to BLE or to attach your file, please check the BLE for Students page and the steps outlined below.

Common issues...
    Ensure you are logging in to If your first attempt fails, attempt again in a few minutes time, or try using a different web browser or computer. There are sometimes periods of server downtime on SOAS student PCs, in which case you should log off your PC, wait a period of time and attempt to login again.
    Ensure you are using your 6 digit student ID (e.g 123456) as your login and your SOAS email/login password as your password. If you still cannot login, email to have your login name and password added.
    All students are required to have tested their login to BLE before the submission deadline and failure to have done so will not be a valid reason for non-submission of essays.
    If you are able to login but the courses you are registered on are not displayed, email to have them added.
    As above, all students will be required to access their course during week 1 of their studies and having no courses available will not be a valid reason for non-submission.
If your problems persist....

...and it has proven impossible to submit your essay via BLE, you are permitted to submit your essay by email.

This email facility must only be used as a last resort and in order to do so you must adhere to the following steps.
  1. In the subject of your email enter:
    1. Your six digit student ID number.
    2. The course code.
      (This is the 9 character code that identifies your course. It will be in the format '15 XXX XNNN' for PG courses or '15 NNN NNNN' for UG courses where 'X' denotes a letter and 'N' denotes a number.)
    3. The assignment number/name.
  2. In the first lines of your email also include the following details:
    1. Six digit student ID number.
    2. Your name.
    3. Course code
    4. Assignment number/name.
    5. The name of your tutor.
  3. COPY the text of your essay and PASTE it in to the body of your email, underneath the already entered text.

  4. Attach the file you were attempting to submit.

  5. Send your email to one of the following email addresses, depending on which department you are submitting your essay to:

At the earliest possible opportunity after submitting by email you must also submit your essay via BLE interface.  This is to ensure your essay submission record is up to date and to allow plaigiarism checking.  Failure to do so will result in your essay not being graded.