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Pay and Pensions FAQ (April 2012)

  • When is Pay Day?

    Pay Day is the last working day of the month

    In December payment is earlier (in the third week) as the School closes for the holiday period.  An all-staff email is issued at the end of each November reminding staff of this arrangement.

  • How do I access my payslips?

    SOAS issues electronic payslips, available via the MyView system -

  • How do I apply for a National Insurance Number?

    Contact any JobCentre Plus office (

    If you are from overseas then contact Human Resources as there is a form that you will need to complete.

  • Who do I contact regarding my Employer’s Pension?

    Please contact the School’s Payroll & Pensions’ Manager, Marie Stacey ( Telephone: 0207 074 5042

  • When do I stop paying National Insurance Contributions?

    You pay National Insurance contributions if you're an employee or self-employed and you're aged 16 and over, as long as your earnings are more than a certain level. If you're employed you stop paying National Insurance contributions as soon as you reach State Pension age.

    If you are self-employed, you stop paying Class 2 contributions as soon as you reach State Pension age and Class 4 contributions from the start of the tax year after the one in which you reach State Pension age.
    State Pension age is 65 for men born before 6 April 1959 and 60 for women born before 6 April 1950. But it will gradually increase to 65 for women between 2010 and 2020.

    Some people also pay voluntary National Insurance contributions. For example, you might choose to pay them if you:

    • aren't working and are not claiming state benefits
    • haven't paid enough National Insurance contributions in a year to count for the State Pension or other long term state benefits
    • live abroad and want to maintain your state benefits entitlement

    If you require more help or information regarding this, please contact the School’s Payroll & Pensions’ Manager, Marie Stacey ( Telephone: 0207 074 5042

  • Does the School operate a Childcare Vouchers Scheme?

    Yes. Please refer to webpage:

  • How can I find my Payroll/Employee number?

    YoYour Payroll Number is on your Pay Advice Slip shown as a 6 digit number on the top left hand corner marked “Payroll No.”.

  • What is the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) tax office reference with personal tax responsibility for SOAS employees?


  • What is the HMRC tax office name?

    Chapel Wharf Area

  • What is the address of the HMRC tax office?

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Chapel Wharf Area
    Trinity Bridge House
    2 Dearmans Place
    M3 5BB

  • What is the telephone number of the HMRC tax office?

    0845 300 0627

  • What information do I need to give if calling the tax office?
    • Your National Insurance number
    • Tax Office Reference Number (951/S54)
    • Your date of birth
  • How do I ensure I have the correct Tax Code?

    You can either call the HMRC Tax Office above, or speak with a member of the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team (contact details at end of these FAQs)

  • What is a P60 Form?

    Your P60 is the summary of your pay and the tax that has been deducted from it in that tax year.

  • Why do I have a P60?

    You may need this for your Self Assessment tax return or to claim back any Tax or National Insurance contributions that you may have overpaid.  

    It may also be used for proof of earnings when applying for a mortgage or loan. It is therefore important to keep this form safe.

  • How do I claim back any overpaid tax for the current tax year?

    Please contact a member of the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team

  • How do I claim back overpaid tax for previous tax years?

    Send your P60 form to HM Revenue and Customs with a covering letter stating all the employers you have worked for in the income tax year (or years) you are claiming for

  • When are the P60 forms sent out to employees?

    The P60 form for each School employee is produced and sent in hard copy between the end of April to the 31st May of the year that the tax year ended (5th April).  The School is required by law to ensure that its employees must receive their P60 form by 31st May of the year that the tax year has ended. The HR Payroll & Pensions Team will issue an all-staff email to confirm when the P60 forms have been sent out to employees.

  • Is the P60 form posted to an employee’s home address?

    P60’s are usually forwarded to the address to which the employee’s Pay Advice Slip is sent.

  • I have not received my P60 form. Can I ask for a duplicate?

    Please e-mail the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team at with your request. The Payroll & Pensions Team does not issue a duplicate of your P60 Form but instead it will produce a Statement of Earnings, which is recognised by HMRC, for the particular tax year you require.

  • What is the period of the tax year for personal income tax purposes?

    Each income tax year runs from the 6th April to the 5th April the following year.

  • I require a duplicate of my P60 form for a particular tax year

    Please e-mail the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team at to request a duplicate P60.

  • How do I change my Bank Account details?

    This can be done using Staff Self Service. Please follow this link:

  • What is the latest date I can notify the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team to change my bank account for credit into my account?

    The HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team will amend your Bank Account details if your notification is received by the 16th of the month your salary is due to be credited.  If a change of bank account request is received after the 16th, your bank details will be changed in time for credit the following month.

  • Who do I notify regarding a change of my home address or a change of my name?

    Please use either the HR Staff Self Service (
    or notify your Core HR Team (

  • I have lost my Pay Advice Slip, how do I obtain a duplicate?

    Any of your previous Pay Advice Slips can be viewed and downloaded/printed using the HR Staff Self Service

    If you require a copy for a third party, such as Mortgage Provider or HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), you must contact the Payroll & Pensions’ Team – details set out below.

  • Do you have a question not covered by the above?

    Please contact a member of the HR Payroll and Pensions’ Team.

    HR Payroll & Pensions Manager:

    Marie Stacey ( 020 7074 5042)

    HR Payroll Administrators:

    Natasha Williams ( 020 7074 5040)

    Ann Twitchett ( 020 7074 5043)