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Payroll and Pensions

Pay and Pensions FAQ (November 2018)

  • When is Pay Day?

    Pay Day is the last working day of the month

    In December payment is earlier (in the third week) as the School closes for the holiday period.  A reminder is placed in the School's bulletin towards the end of November. 

  • How do I access my payslips?

    SOAS issues electronic payslips, available via the MyView system -

  • When do I stop paying National Insurance Contributions?

    You pay National Insurance contributions to qualify for certain benefits including the State Pension.

    If you’re employed, you pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions as a percentage of your earnings up to State Pension age.

    If you’re self-employed, you pay Class 2 contributions at a flat weekly rate and Class 4 contributions annually as a percentage of your taxable profits.

    The GOV website provides full details in their GOV site page entitled National Insurance and State Pension Ages

    If you require more help or information regarding this, please contact the School’s Payroll & Pensions’ Manager, Marie Stacey ( Telephone: 0207 074 5042

  • How can I find my Payroll/Employee number?

    Your Payroll Number is on your Pay Advice Slip shown as a 6 digit number on the top left hand corner marked “Payroll No.”.

  • How do I ensure I have the correct Tax Code?

    All the tax codes each year are published by the government and can be viewed on the HMRC page entitled Tax Codes

    If you believe your tax code is incorrect, you can either call the HMRC Tax Office, or speak with a member of the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team at

  • What is a P60 Form?

    Your P60 is the summary of your taxable pay and the tax that has been deducted from it during that tax year.

  • Why do I have a P60?

    You may need this for your Self Assessment tax return or to claim back any Tax or National Insurance contributions that you may have overpaid.  

    It may also be used for proof of earnings when applying for a mortgage or loan. It is therefore important to keep this form safe.

  • How do I claim back any overpaid tax for the current tax year?

    To claim back overpaid tax for the current year, please log the claim on the HMRC Income Tax page

  • How do I claim back overpaid tax for previous tax years?

    To claim back overpaid tax, please claim a tax refund via HMRC

  • When are the P60 forms sent out to employees?

    P60 forms are available on MyView under My Documents.

  • Is the P60 form posted to an employee’s home address?

    P60's are only issued electronically like payslips. They can be downloaded from MyView. 

  • I have not received my P60 form. Can I ask for a duplicate?

    Please ensure you have checked MyView for your P60. If your P60 is not in MyView or you do not have access to MyView, please contact Joanna Juzaszek in Payroll and Pensions at with your request. 

  • What is the period of the tax year for personal income tax purposes?

    Each income tax year runs from the 6th April to the 5th April the following year.

  • I require a duplicate of my P60 form for a particular tax year

    Please e-mail the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team at to request a duplicate P60.

  • How do I change my Bank Account details?

    This can be done using Staff Self Service. Please follow this link:

  • What is the latest date I can notify the HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team to change my bank account for credit into my account?

    The HR Payroll & Pensions’ Team will amend your Bank Account details if your notification is received by the 16th of the month your salary is due to be credited.  If a change of bank account request is received after the 16th, your bank details will be changed in time for credit the following month.

  • Who do I notify regarding a change of my home address or a change of my name?

    Please use either the HR Staff Self Service (
    or notify your Core HR Team (

  • I have lost my Pay Advice Slip, how do I obtain a duplicate?

    Any of your previous Pay Advice Slips can be viewed, downloaded, and printed using MyView. 

  • Do you have a question not covered by the above?

    Please contact a member of the HR Payroll and Pensions’ Team.

    Payroll and Pensions Manager

    Marie Stacey ( 020 7074 5042)

    Deputy Payroll and Pensions Manager

    Natasha Williams ( 020 7074 5040)

    Payroll Administrator

    Joanna Juzaszek ( 0207 7074 5041)

    Payroll Officer

    Jan Williams ( 0207 7074 5043)